Saturday, July 31, 2010

Violenced against children,has increased ?

  • Children's Day on July,23 2010 (Daily News "Berita Kota")
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Aris Merdeka Sirait from The National commission for children's protection said it had recorded 1.826 cases violence against children across the country starting January to may 2010.In first five months of 2010,there's 1.826 cases.The numbers violence against children covering sexual and physical violence,next Aris Merdeka Sirait as a chairman of The Nation Commission for children's protection added 68 percent of cases were done by close relatives.The were 1.891 cases in 2009,up from 1.626 1n 2008.the data was taken from The National commission of children's protection.It is social crisis and the violence doesn't make a sense.Those who are committed  the violence were one supposed to protect the children a lot,he said.Children who are prone to violence are street children and the children from middle and low income families.
How to stop ignoring the violence against children ? children are like a flowers they need treat and love tenderly.If handled wrong caused of many factors such as depression,anger,family problems,sorrow,frustrations,unclear future,and much more.We (everybody) involved in the life of child.The parent need to give more pay attention of peaceful conditions.Parent cam also minimize terrible decrease in moral characters and behavior as they learn quickly from their own parent.even though child has committed make a mistake,it is our duty to help him realize the seriousness of the mistake,with the help of the good word of wisdom by showing them,the right way avoiding the wrong tracks.Suppose we found to be performing violence activities,the duty parent give good advise and suggestion to avoid such practises.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Violence from TV show programs.

  • An ugly side of cartoon movies.
My neighbour Bagas was 5 .when i saw him hit on the head his friends.His parent didn't realize when fixing home the kid took hammer what for.Like most of the kids play with some other friend run,laugh,shouted each other,and hold something they want.What the kids do just imitate from something can not filter.I thought it must be cartoon TV shows effect such a copy action to use in the real world.
Since cartoon movies find as joyful TV program to wacth,the way kid talk,behave,and all they are doing is right because what they see in cartoon characters.They could be rude,brave,also idolize on what they see and imitate in real life.The children behavior changing more and more aggressive in the worsening atmosphere.Nowadays new technologies being introduced in the kids world but the kids don't introduce to countless the kind of cartoon movie  in the market today yet.
It shows that children already learn the negative thing ,and bad thing that the children think their favorite cartoon characters is doing great.they could be batman,superman,they could fly,it's look real they carious to see what happen when he tried to do some. I mean not saying all cartoon are bad,but be careful the kids could find his parent gun and tries to shoot it. DOOR ?!
And yet,cartoon are to violent,filled with hateful words,those are absolutely not a nice influence for the kids.If we take notice to the kids misbehave ones,they have been watching violent cartoon movies. The only,the cartoons are not always the reason's behavior,mostly part of it.By the time your kid acts different,take notice what kind of cartoon they see,maybe related to his act.
  • What we should do about.?
In this case,you can get your children interested in different cartoon,that are only entertaining not the violence.
the only parents could do monitoring the kids watching cartoon everyday.Make sure that the kid only watch Cd's you buy for him.It's the best way to teach the children make differ the good and the bad ones.Should spent time with the kid a lot.How sent the kids outside instead of cartoon,go to swimming,library,make some craft,bake some cake,and much more.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cell phone during school times.

Many many times ago,if there's something happened such as death man,chief of the village want to gather community in my own country using (@javanese:Kentongan = made of wood or bamboo carved makes sound loudly by hitting) as a media. All people knew the special codes weather is death man,or chief of the village wanted to informs new policies from Government or some other programs.
After years later,Loudspeakers is one the best way to announce something happen on the village.A chief of the village didn't have to invited by door to door system. After cell phone invited all activities getting more practical,simple and cheap.Toady's seems cell phone has become of part of daily life.Microsoft owner's used say that would be at least 1 PC in a family.and now almost happen. How about cell phones,? It.s came after PC in Indonesia especially at big cities that every family has more than 1 cell phone,could be 2, 3 or more in fact.
Since cell phone has become growing stuff rapidly.It's also a part an integral of student life,in a way should cell phone allowed at school.There's many opinion about this, what do you think?.One research shows 22% age of 6- 9 years own cell phone,60% of teens of age (10-14).and 84% of teens of (15 -18).A cell phone companies is now marketing to younger colorful kid phones and  easy to use features.such a good prospect.
As long as cell phone not to be used in negative effect the children mind and would also create a discrimination among them and the atmosphere of the school.In case of emergency cell phone is most effective ways to make phone call at school,on the way to home or something unexpected happen.
For  parent it self  new cell phone features with GPS can easily monitor their own kids position.It's all depend on child responsible if they deserve it.On the other hand parent experience shock when they receive the bill for theirs cell phone.especially for ring tones,text picture,video massaging,downloadable games,connecting to the Internet can all be very expensive and heavily used by teens.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Spanking, more than just spanking

I was growing up in the an educate parent.But as Indonesian we have good culture how to teach a kid anyway. How to respect someone older,how to eat, how to pass in front of people sitting down,at least we have basic rules in our own families.But my own opinion there's many many characters in one child to another child.likes hyperactive child and just so so.the problem is there's  differences treat the kids.But to be frankly from I was a kid until now the parent is mostly lack of communicating with their children. It took me only 10 minute a day.
What can we hope if we just having a Little bit communicate with the kids.The parent only asking "have the kids eat or yet,why do the kid  wake up so late,take a bath or yet?.we know the kids need treating nicely,patient,love.I think isn't smart parent by the time kids doing something unexpected we spank them.Knowing in the Newspaper last times,the parent sent  to their own jail for years (Sukabumi west java) with unlogical reasons.Do you think it's good ideas,how about negative impact as psychologically.In fact so many accident from beating,spanking,biting in the families going on and on .
we do hope that in the next future,all parent would be realize,to  treat their own kids nicely, tragedies story of Arie Hanggara wasn't happen anymore.Improve communicate in the families is a must.To discipline the kids don't have to in spank ways.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Could computers teach the students with no teachers?!

In Indonesia ,especially it seems having so many problem,because differences between in big cities and a separated regions. How about English language is main of operating the computers?,Do any Indonesian students know English well,I don't think that will run as a hope.
I think isn't funny if student push the button of computer keyboard,didn't know the means.It isn't funny a Little boy buy electronic toys just insert the battery didn't know how the toy works.Most of imported toys brings the languages how to operate it one.event the  adult operate the toys without reading the clue. We think it's simple ways how to know the English.
I just wanna express what I feel, I  see around us nearby.I used to be a teacher in separated areas for one year.There's many problem like a new teacher get objection sent to such areas,they want the comfort places one.we hope in future Indonesian student being given access computers as a new concept Education covering Indonesia  Archipelago.
How a lovely !  The children quickly figure out how to use computers and access Internet.they will learn to do what they want to do. Saw student teaching each other how to use computer and picking a new skills.Next time the student experiments then become more ambitious more global.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

There will always be.

According to a Dec,15,2009 report in the afternoon daily " Suara Pembaharuan",producers of porns were not afraid of being captured by police because officers were protecting the productions and distributions of the lutractive compensations.Sources told the newspaper that this illegal business generated at least Rp.520 billion in tax revenues every month.How can we be? Minister Sembiring  cautions that Indonesia has now become the world's hungriest country for pornography.
Knowing the fact,pornography is getting worst after Ariel and Luna scandals,and yet a grade third senior high school in South of  sumatra made his own videos by cells phone camera.A student senior high school also doing such a thing?!.The question is  " IS THERE  GOOD WITHOUT   A GOD ?.
Recently,Mr,Tifakul Sembiring in his office,Tuesday on august,8 said his intention to block approximately 4 million porn sites.following an agreement between the government and the Internet service providers.The numbers of companies that have less than 200 agreed to block porn site whose numbers are 4 million sites.For those stubborn companies would given legal sanction. "In this week of their exceptional effort to filter porn sites" Mr. Tifakul said.Pornography is not their main business,Internet service providers from 300 companies that register Internet services 200 is active. The government will use keywords that relate yo sex as a nude,bokep etc.In this case not only applies to the month of fasting but onward,although in practice carry out step by step process.Police can also track the party who distributes porn sites.A Internet service providers would have a more telling way and efficiently.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's just like a knife.

My teacher used to say if someone go to study,we must follow what they say and do what they say,I meant there was knowledge and morals aspects,it was didn't care student came from the have or even the poor.
But firstly in family education is began,because parent who are involved,committed,and responsive to their kids  needs anyway.Family could together leading from both the public and private to help the parent,teachers,school.and community organisation.
Seeing the fact,after Internet becoming trends there is ugly side in it,what it means even though the Internet could be a huge library which can actually enrich everyone knowledge,Indonesian much more like/prefer
not to use it in positive purposes.I think The Internet is not to blame.So why do Indonesian peoples use technology to satisfy their lust?.Just because misperception to something negative that doesn't meant will destroy a value system in the result of one's belief structure.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peterporn and Luna Maya.

We know Ariel.who is now become a fantastic commodity of the media.Who is Ariel's childhood before?.Ariel who became successful portrait of boy band. Ariel who  had the power of attraction as a vocalist.Many people think that may be a Little Ariel used to love to sing,often appeared on the stage and confidently.Do you know what the Little Ariel done,if friends invites for birthday event ? Ariel hiding,lazy to come and always avoid when ask to sing.So,who is Luna Maya ,many whose names are not often included in lyrics song,as a model And the star Luna Maya whose name more famous.Did Luna Maya had always appears  fashionable ? Luna Maya was even smaller children tends to like boys."And I'd rather play with boys,my brother  man also.Maybe that the nature of which carried up to now,And definitely I am happy with the performance like this " she said.
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