Monday, July 26, 2010

Spanking, more than just spanking

I was growing up in the an educate parent.But as Indonesian we have good culture how to teach a kid anyway. How to respect someone older,how to eat, how to pass in front of people sitting down,at least we have basic rules in our own families.But my own opinion there's many many characters in one child to another child.likes hyperactive child and just so so.the problem is there's  differences treat the kids.But to be frankly from I was a kid until now the parent is mostly lack of communicating with their children. It took me only 10 minute a day.
What can we hope if we just having a Little bit communicate with the kids.The parent only asking "have the kids eat or yet,why do the kid  wake up so late,take a bath or yet?.we know the kids need treating nicely,patient,love.I think isn't smart parent by the time kids doing something unexpected we spank them.Knowing in the Newspaper last times,the parent sent  to their own jail for years (Sukabumi west java) with unlogical reasons.Do you think it's good ideas,how about negative impact as psychologically.In fact so many accident from beating,spanking,biting in the families going on and on .
we do hope that in the next future,all parent would be realize,to  treat their own kids nicely, tragedies story of Arie Hanggara wasn't happen anymore.Improve communicate in the families is a must.To discipline the kids don't have to in spank ways.

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