Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The largest employment in the agricultural sector

  • Efforts to reduce unemployment
Water Buffalo ploughing rice fields near Salat...
"The agricultural sector is still the largest absorber of labor in Indonesia. For the year 2010 alone is estimated about 0.8 million workers who could be absorbed from various agricultural sectors". Ministry of Agriculture revealed.From the national labor force that almost reached 80 million, about 41 million people could be absorbed by agricultural.Increasing sector workforce uptake of new agricultural sector is expected to reduce unemployment, In addition to other macro objectives of agricultural sector development that is increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the value trade balance. The agricultural sector in national GDP growth of around 4.8 percent.National food self-sufficiency is the major project by the government, both increased production of rice, corn, soy, sugar, and beef. Apart from the agriculture ministry budget of 80% will be allocated to local areas.Of course this has a purpose for the existence of synergy for the development of better agricultural sector in addition to improving the welfare of the farmers themselves
Minister of Agriculture acknowledged that a relatively high economic growth is not comparable with the absorption of labor into several sectors. And this is the fact that forces us to focus more on improving the infrastructure is more advanced, the agricultural sector. And finally this will be a means of improving the welfare of society and also will absorb more and more new jobs.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wisdom behind the disaster.

  • Two kinds of disaster.
Catastrophic disaster that struck the Indonesian nation in Wasior, Mentawai, and the eruption of Mount Merapi leaving a misery for communities affected by disasters.Any disaster is seen bad by humans is actually  apart from the two kinds: 1) First, the disaster which indeed is already the provisions of the Lord Almighty. Examples are: earthquakes, tsunami, the eruption of Mount Merapi, drought in a long time, and others.
This disaster could befall anyone, Muslim non-Muslim. Disasters of this kind is intended to show the omnipotence of God the mighty one. Some scholars interpret that the intent of [us reduce the earth was (little by little) and the side edges] QS ar-Ra'd [13]; 41 is the partial sinking of the earth, earthquakes, from various kinds of disasters of all this is God's will .2) Second, The disaster which causes the hands of a human hand. An example is the flooding as a result of illegal logging, the plague of poverty and hunger in the middle of the abundant natural wealth, because wealth is transferred to foreign parties, rampant immorality and crime, ignoring the law, the spread of venereal disease [AIDS].

  • Momentum togetherness.
Once we can respond to all the calamities truly, people who watch our brothers who are supposed to be hit by natural disasters we're sorry and give help, both morally and materially as a form of togetherness.And when the disaster is widespread then the state as guardian of the affairs of citizens should participate actively. So the ruler [the President] that both will act as "shepherds" who always serve "shepherd" quickly and precisely.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Cris John dedicated himself to Mbah Maridjan and natural disasters.

Mount Merapi in Central Java.
In order to defend the world title Cris John later on 4 December in Jakarta, Crish John will be challenged boxer Antonio Suecedo from Argentina in the version of Super featherweight champion of the 13th.Cris John intend the game will be dedicated to all victims of natural disasters in Indonesia, Mentawai, Wasior and Merapi. Boxers who trained at Sasana Harry's Gym Perth Australia have played as much as 45 times and 24 times of them won. When asked how close with Mbah Maridjan Crish John themselves rarely communication, known as fellow commercials and he's very respectful to Mbah Maridjan.Perhaps due to the language used Mbah Maridjan use the Java language smooth [kromo inggil] to make Cris John rarely communicate. But he said the figure is a person who  responsibility, courage and discipline. After the match Cris John will hold a charity event for victims of natural disasters. When asked about the opponent rival Crish John assess his opponent has its own power and unorthodox style of boxing.Although his opponent is not known king of knockouts, but has a strong stamina and good physical Cris John later in the match trying to play to survive. When asked if he could hit his opponent KO, he just shut up and will try at the end of the final round."I am optimistic that can win games against a boxer from Argentina Antonio Suecedo next month" Cris John added.
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Congratulations! and continue batle for democracy Aung San Suu Kyi ......

TOKYO - MAY 24:  People of Myanmar living in J...
Smiling and waving his arms to the supporters who flooded his home in Rangoon. Riot vehicles pulled from a collection of masses who crowded around the home MS Suu kyi.Police also remove the security barricade around the house MS Suu Kyi on  second day before the supporters had gathered outside the fence near his house. Suu Kyi's supporters ask for work in unison. Previous Friday's supporters had gathered but one member of the NLD party suggested for the next day. Additional penalty of 18 months in prison for Suu Kyi, after the action is an American citizen who swim across the Inya lake to get to his house. Nobel Prize-winning Aung San Suu Kyi in 1991, and has undergone detention for 15 years from 21 years. Many  world leaders welcomed the release of Burma's democracy leader. Secretary general of the United Nations welcomed and called on the Burmese military government to release all detainees in Burma. British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Aung San Suu Kyi is a inspiration to all who believe in freedom of speech,democracy and human right.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Understanding the nature of education.

A kindergarten classroom in Afghanistan.
  • Human quality, a quality education.
. In our minds may ask what we have always commemorated the essence of national education with all kinds of attractions from the basic level to advanced level up?. Celebrate curriculum change dressing every turn of the cabinet?. Commemorate the struggle of national education leaders? Or celebrating development of education in Indonesia with all its problems? Or just a regular annual ceremonial program? commemoration of national education is to be important moment to evaluate our educational system, especially the evaluation of our understanding of the nature of education that requires progress in human itself.We understand, since people want progress in his life. It arose the idea to develop his ability.There is learning by himself [autodidact ], and there are paths through education, both formal and informal. Education is still believed to be the most reliable way in advancing education . Life basic components of human nature [which consists of talent, instinct, passion, temperament / disposition, intuition, and the characteristic features of psychology inherited by both parents]. in community development, developed, directed towards appropriate for the creation of man himself. In order of nationality, education is a conscious effort to develop capabilities and improve the quality of life and dignity of the nation in achieving the national education, the man who: 1. Faithful and devoted to God Almighty. 2.Virtuous noble character. 3.Having abilities and skills. 4.Having physical and spiritual health. 5.Having a stable and independent personality. 6.Having sense of community and nationhood. Finally, education is organized, should be able to, nurture, guide and direct man into a human being "perfect"

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Prabowo for presiden.

Prabowo Subianto
  • Hoping the President of honest,fair and prosperous.
 There is possibility Gerindra party chairman will nominate himself forward as a presidential candidate 2014.Full of confidence Geridra party chairman will forward to the round of presidential elections 2014. General vice chairman of Indonesia Raya Volunteer Force said that he was optimistic that Prabowo would have a chance dominant plus, he thought to build the nation and the country is very nice. And expected to be the choice of the people of Indonesia. Indonesia Raya Volunteer Unit is part of the youth wing of the party Gerindra, which is currently preparing a major force in 33 provinces throughout Indonesia. With the current members as much as 900 people on the basis of the member will continue to carry forward for the purpose Prabowo as 2014 presidential candidate.Prabowo listed as vice president accompanied Megawati periods 2009. Although not openly run for president, but Vice Chairman of the Volunteer Force Indonesia Raya [Diaz Muhdi] already been taken towards a succession of elections to be the number one person in Indonesia. Some time ago Prabowo who is also Ketua Umum Himpunan Tani Indonesia [HKTI] states that Indonesian farmers are not prosperous because of policies that have not been right on target from government.He expressed concern over the fate of our farmers are still poor. Farmers have great hope that later became president of the state Prabowo farmers across the country are increasingly progress and prosperity.

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