Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peterporn and Luna Maya.

We know Ariel.who is now become a fantastic commodity of the media.Who is Ariel's childhood before?.Ariel who became successful portrait of boy band. Ariel who  had the power of attraction as a vocalist.Many people think that may be a Little Ariel used to love to sing,often appeared on the stage and confidently.Do you know what the Little Ariel done,if friends invites for birthday event ? Ariel hiding,lazy to come and always avoid when ask to sing.So,who is Luna Maya ,many whose names are not often included in lyrics song,as a model And the star Luna Maya whose name more famous.Did Luna Maya had always appears  fashionable ? Luna Maya was even smaller children tends to like boys."And I'd rather play with boys,my brother  man also.Maybe that the nature of which carried up to now,And definitely I am happy with the performance like this " she said.
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