Monday, October 25, 2010

Old town.

Representation of the Chinese five elements (w...
  • Business center,where the biggest turnover in Indonesia and Chinatown.
Despite already having revamping  its traditional atmosphere of the region are still like used to be. Many people come to this place, because in this place provides the good food, fruits, electronics, fresh vegetables, medicines, and others. In Glodok public can buy traditional Chinese medicines from ingredients until that directly imported from China.The oldest pharmacies in the region that is Ben Seng, now renamed Pharmacies Bintang Semesta. In the area of sidewalk vendors who are now much better after a special local government capital improvement repairs, this shop of traditional Chinese medicine which is now popular Bintang Semesta is a variety of traditional Chinese medicine can be found from traditional medicine to specific drugs. Vitamins from bird's nest, ginseng, deer and also provides a Shin-She, said the drug entrepreneurs Bintang Semesta.Kind of cure for the middle class and above, such as Ginseng capsules [ling zhi], Spore capsules, Propolis, and the other is also no cure mouth ulcer, cough . arrack patches or pads, for example Qing Re An Gong Wan to the heat in, Chuanbei, Tipalu to cough, Shenyang Red Flower capsule / spray / Patch for Rheumatism. This area is very interesting because many stores the history of the past, most business centers also the velocity of money in Indonesia and Chinatown. Evidence of all it is the number of buildings with architectural styles, calligraphy China.Before 60s very lively area during the Lunar New Year{IMLEK}, because after that the government banned a variety of activities characterized China.After almost nearly 50-year period of this region re-permitted conduct bebagai activities with the feel of China during the reign of President Abdulrahman Wahid by Presidential Decree no. 6 year 2006.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The dilution of scientific tradition.

  • Commemorating the Day oath youth.
In the past we have what we called scientific tradition is so strong inherent in the early 20th-century. Through the tradition of discussion,networking,building political organization to produce sworn think youth 1928. But the scientific  tradition is turning to fade over time in contemporary politics Indonesia. Mentality politicians now can not afford to continue the great tradition of knowledge generation 20th- centuries. Mr.Yudi Latief Politics observers said: " science is not developed, science gone from slavery mental or slaver mentality[22/10/10]. In discussion at Bentara Budaya Jakarta in order to welcome " Youth Pledge ". Other speaker in discussion there is Mr.Rocky Gerung [philoshopy lecturer],Director of PT. Pertamina Mrs.Karen Agustiawan,Deputy Director of PT. Mustika Ratu,Mrs Putri Kuswinu Wardani,and chairman of East Java Cooperative Mr.Yoos Lutfi. Mr.Yudi Latief said :
  • Focusing on outward appearence is slave mentality, behind the glittering appearence that just completely blank.
  • Key factors that make the attitude toward wealth very dominant.
  • Giving support political process in parliament was limited to capital transactions.
  • Caused by the fading of cultural knowledge,the logical power melted.
 This is why it's not surprising when the House of Representative lawmakers preoccupied by the road way go abroad. it's very ironic during the Early 20th-centuries where young people developed the tradition of Indonesia scientific that could deliver them to know and understand the big ideas politics of Independence and democracy. Politics condition that are not based on scientific Indonesian will stutter in formulating and seeking solutions. The solutions to solve many current problems and future challenges to come. In another part of the speaker Mrs.Karen Agustiawan explain the challenges already seem obvious, where Indonesia  has a serious challenges in the form of endless oil energy within 15 years next. Preparing PT. Pertamina into a major player in the upstream oil and gas industry. Mrs Karen said further been only take care of the downstream sales within the last 4 years. The situation got more complicated when there is mentality KKN [ corruption,collusion,nepotism] and the small thing that hinder development progress. Mrs Putri from PT. Mustika Ratu said also another serious threat and not less importantly,the invasion is very cheap  manufactured product from China. Protection against Indonesian businessman who are still minimal.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Between human and robot.

  • Students without morality no different than robot.
Many student who won a lot of intellectual achievement, or in a variety of academic achievement in the prestigious event in the International stage. It is a barometer that the development of science and technology contribute enough to education. When we boast the world who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in the academic field but unthinkable if students were actually students also need moral education. Learning at the time small kids such as painting on rock, was studying at an old age like a painting on the water. Sure to be the exact moment when we give moral guidance as early as possible. At least not every coach will be able to give young people the color of old age later. Indications are already visible today is the human figure as robot that spiritual dry, arrogant, fragile, and poor of ethics.The less of respect for teachers or older, brawl due to the trivial. It became one more indication that the gap widened further due to the existing values in technological progress and moral values that are embedded within students.The purpose of education is actually a human form that has a comprehensive intelligence includes intelligence intellectual, moral, social, and Religion.The effort to create intelligent students intellectually without leaving any aspect moral. And the end, existing curriculum can be tailored to what is good for the soul and what is harmful to the soul of the students.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New forms of threats from Malaysia.

Map of Malaysia, circa 1914
There is many foods and beverages began flooding the market local.Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Food and Beverage [GAMMI] said "The threats come from Malaysia, not from China". In the  month January to August 2010 product foods and beverages that go through the port is set by the Ministry of Trade  rose quite high 17.36%, Singapore 8.23% and 5.86% from the United States. Of course this will be a new challenge the Indonesian government to support local products to compete with imported products. One of the triggers flood of Malaysian products in addition to low prices, the Malaysian Government to provide intensive exemption and tax reduction on this sector. [food and beverage]. Also provided relief to gas prices up to 30%.Meanwhile, in Indonesia alone the industry had to buy at market price and charged high taxes. When we look at the supermarket shop we will find household equipment, food industry and fruits, we can recognize the packaging that can not all know what that means. Packaging is in Indonesian label just composition, expiration date is recommended for packaging a clear view can not be read / understood as if the whole nation will this all told to read letters of China, Korea or Japan. What the hell wants the government and employers of this nation? [Rahardi Ramelan, Poskota]. Similar fate experienced by employers slippers/shoes in Ciomas {Bogor, West Java]. Revealed that the products on the market with less competitive outer product [China]. The entrepreneur sandals / shoes in Ciomas can expect Chinese products could be stopped. They also [ entrepreneurs] can sell cheaply when given a low-cost capital and policies that are favorable to the businessmen. Despite this fact can be explained due to trade agreements with China and ASEAN, or CAFTA that have been formulated less and less careful preparation
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Tough and intellegent woman in the headquarters police.

  • Learn and keep learning in every area of our field.
Map of the islands of East Nusa Tenggara, incl...
Life is a choice. This is experienced by Bridjen Pol. Basaria Panjaitan although at first he was not thought to be a Police. After finishing college majoring in law at the University Jayabaya 1984, he only thinks should immediately get a job, said Basaria Panjaitan. One of eight brothers none of whom became police members.The time Police announced the receipt of the undergraduate members of the police, he signed up in Sukabumi and received during then. Underlying the type hardworking and enthusiasm for learning is high, it is not wasted in vain working in a field that has become his choice.She was born in 1957 after graduated as a police woman assigned as a narcotics detective, and had served in the Police of Bali. He also served as head of the narcotics unit in East Nusa Tenggara in 1987. during her career she served in many parts of Drugs, although this task is run many male police officers but for him the woman must be accomplished. Notable achievements have shown Brigjen.Pol Basaria Panjaitan at the time was the Director of Investigation to the Riau Islands Police area in 2007. Effort smuggling and dismantle international drug network he managed to dismantle the time. After that his career is progressing steadily and brightest to become Commander Provost until 2010, and is now placed as Senior Lecturer Renbang headquarters police.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

National leaders come togeher to discuss problem facing the Indonesian Nation.

Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport
 Jusuf Kalla : Seeds law of the jungle began to appear.

The national figures such as Wiranto, Jusuf Kalla, Taufik Kiemas, Din Syamsudin, Mahfud MD gathered at the headquarters of Muhammadiyah [Friday October 8, 2010]. Former vice president Jusuf Kalla, assess the current administration began to lose the trust of society that result in uncomfortable way the current administration. Jusuf Kalla also reminded the government not to lose the trust so that people can solve problems lately. That said Jusuf Kalla said after a visit to Thailand and learn the importance of relationships between other government authority that is used to monitor people with confidence.Thailand is an example of the lack of government authority and trust of the community. Thailand's government of corruption so that authority fell and led to riots some time ago.A seed instability began to appear as a free society can not be controlled. The seed law of the jungle that exceeded the limit, as will be killed nobody paid no penalty.[pos kota].
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Innovation in China's healtcare industry.

:Original raster version: :Image:Food and Drug...
When we talk about cars of course we will think of Europe, because a good car products. but when we speak of treatment related to health of course we will be reminded of China with Chinese herbs .Lately, the health industry is growing rapidly again at the end of this year alone China. Expected revenue from the health care industry sector reached 100 RMB (Chinese currency) . Optimism is also said economic analysts who predict the RMB reached 450 in 2015. It seems that the campaign "China's Health 2010" was done  very seriously by the Ministry of Health worked China.And still will continue to lead the country to other developing countries while continuing to achieve standardization as advanced developing countries
Tiens Group made a breakthrough in the health care industry of China, Tiens Group is a collection of businesses from many countries, in many sectors including bio tech, education, retail, tourism, finance, international trade, and i-business.In hatched by Mr president. Lie Jin Yuan is referred to as the second richest man in china [Daily News May 2004] have been able to develop into hundreds of countries in less than 20 years Product Tiens has GMF standards, test quality management system standard, ISO 9001, HACCF, Halal Certificate from Islamic associations, KSA [standard Khoser],. Many products have been approved by the United States FDA standards, {food and drug administration}. Standardization of the European Union, and Japan's Ministry of Health. Tiens Group has invested 70 billion RMB on an area of 1000,000 square meters in the industrial area of Tianjin, China. The region already integrated in various activities: research and product development, pilot projects, manufacturing, international logistics. On October 20, later will be officially opened to the public an industrial park area of international health Tai Ji sin over an area of 28,000 square meters, with an investment of 250 million RMB. This health center will serve the public with cutting-edge services: medical health control, education, health care, consulting, information and knowledge of prevention, beauty care, and chronic disease management and treatment.
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Jonggol [Bogor] prepared as a centre of goverment of the Republic Indonesia.

Sub Jonggol the later was widely nominated as successor administrative center of Indonesia make Bogor Regency busy fix facilities and imsfrastructure.among them,by building road axis the middle east until the District Jonggol Sentul circuit."We prepare the budget of Rp 750 billion for infrastructure development districts Jonggol. Some funds had been prepared which is a grant fund from Bogor Regency, "said Rachmat Yasin Regent Bogor, on Thursday.

"While the rest will ask for help from central government and provinces," he said. Rachmat Yasin as a first step would be to lobby President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, to provide assistance for infrastructure development.
If Jonggol canceled so the central government, Central-Eastern axis will still be fighting for its development. "Want to be approved or not, the important thing we fix the eastern region of Bogor regency," he said.

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