Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cell phone during school times.

Many many times ago,if there's something happened such as death man,chief of the village want to gather community in my own country using (@javanese:Kentongan = made of wood or bamboo carved makes sound loudly by hitting) as a media. All people knew the special codes weather is death man,or chief of the village wanted to informs new policies from Government or some other programs.
After years later,Loudspeakers is one the best way to announce something happen on the village.A chief of the village didn't have to invited by door to door system. After cell phone invited all activities getting more practical,simple and cheap.Toady's seems cell phone has become of part of daily life.Microsoft owner's used say that would be at least 1 PC in a family.and now almost happen. How about cell phones,? It.s came after PC in Indonesia especially at big cities that every family has more than 1 cell phone,could be 2, 3 or more in fact.
Since cell phone has become growing stuff rapidly.It's also a part an integral of student life,in a way should cell phone allowed at school.There's many opinion about this, what do you think?.One research shows 22% age of 6- 9 years own cell phone,60% of teens of age (10-14).and 84% of teens of (15 -18).A cell phone companies is now marketing to younger colorful kid phones and  easy to use features.such a good prospect.
As long as cell phone not to be used in negative effect the children mind and would also create a discrimination among them and the atmosphere of the school.In case of emergency cell phone is most effective ways to make phone call at school,on the way to home or something unexpected happen.
For  parent it self  new cell phone features with GPS can easily monitor their own kids position.It's all depend on child responsible if they deserve it.On the other hand parent experience shock when they receive the bill for theirs cell phone.especially for ring tones,text picture,video massaging,downloadable games,connecting to the Internet can all be very expensive and heavily used by teens.

Patron reserving a PC from her cell phone!Image by davidking via Flickr

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