Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Violence from TV show programs.

  • An ugly side of cartoon movies.
My neighbour Bagas was 5 .when i saw him hit on the head his friends.His parent didn't realize when fixing home the kid took hammer what for.Like most of the kids play with some other friend run,laugh,shouted each other,and hold something they want.What the kids do just imitate from something can not filter.I thought it must be cartoon TV shows effect such a copy action to use in the real world.
Since cartoon movies find as joyful TV program to wacth,the way kid talk,behave,and all they are doing is right because what they see in cartoon characters.They could be rude,brave,also idolize on what they see and imitate in real life.The children behavior changing more and more aggressive in the worsening atmosphere.Nowadays new technologies being introduced in the kids world but the kids don't introduce to countless the kind of cartoon movie  in the market today yet.
It shows that children already learn the negative thing ,and bad thing that the children think their favorite cartoon characters is doing great.they could be batman,superman,they could fly,it's look real they carious to see what happen when he tried to do some. I mean not saying all cartoon are bad,but be careful the kids could find his parent gun and tries to shoot it. DOOR ?!
And yet,cartoon are to violent,filled with hateful words,those are absolutely not a nice influence for the kids.If we take notice to the kids misbehave ones,they have been watching violent cartoon movies. The only,the cartoons are not always the reason's behavior,mostly part of it.By the time your kid acts different,take notice what kind of cartoon they see,maybe related to his act.
  • What we should do about.?
In this case,you can get your children interested in different cartoon,that are only entertaining not the violence.
the only parents could do monitoring the kids watching cartoon everyday.Make sure that the kid only watch Cd's you buy for him.It's the best way to teach the children make differ the good and the bad ones.Should spent time with the kid a lot.How sent the kids outside instead of cartoon,go to swimming,library,make some craft,bake some cake,and much more.

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