Monday, July 19, 2010

There will always be.

According to a Dec,15,2009 report in the afternoon daily " Suara Pembaharuan",producers of porns were not afraid of being captured by police because officers were protecting the productions and distributions of the lutractive compensations.Sources told the newspaper that this illegal business generated at least Rp.520 billion in tax revenues every month.How can we be? Minister Sembiring  cautions that Indonesia has now become the world's hungriest country for pornography.
Knowing the fact,pornography is getting worst after Ariel and Luna scandals,and yet a grade third senior high school in South of  sumatra made his own videos by cells phone camera.A student senior high school also doing such a thing?!.The question is  " IS THERE  GOOD WITHOUT   A GOD ?.
Recently,Mr,Tifakul Sembiring in his office,Tuesday on august,8 said his intention to block approximately 4 million porn sites.following an agreement between the government and the Internet service providers.The numbers of companies that have less than 200 agreed to block porn site whose numbers are 4 million sites.For those stubborn companies would given legal sanction. "In this week of their exceptional effort to filter porn sites" Mr. Tifakul said.Pornography is not their main business,Internet service providers from 300 companies that register Internet services 200 is active. The government will use keywords that relate yo sex as a nude,bokep etc.In this case not only applies to the month of fasting but onward,although in practice carry out step by step process.Police can also track the party who distributes porn sites.A Internet service providers would have a more telling way and efficiently.


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