Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's just like a knife.

My teacher used to say if someone go to study,we must follow what they say and do what they say,I meant there was knowledge and morals aspects,it was didn't care student came from the have or even the poor.
But firstly in family education is began,because parent who are involved,committed,and responsive to their kids  needs anyway.Family could together leading from both the public and private to help the parent,teachers,school.and community organisation.
Seeing the fact,after Internet becoming trends there is ugly side in it,what it means even though the Internet could be a huge library which can actually enrich everyone knowledge,Indonesian much more like/prefer
not to use it in positive purposes.I think The Internet is not to blame.So why do Indonesian peoples use technology to satisfy their lust?.Just because misperception to something negative that doesn't meant will destroy a value system in the result of one's belief structure.


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