Monday, February 14, 2011

The trial of Abu Bakar Ba'asyir back in the title

  • Ensure trial prosecutors file indictment was read today.
The trial of Abu Bakar Ba'asyir will be carried on today in the South Jakarta District Court today at 09.00 am. State Attorney's office has ensured that the reading of the indictment file the trial for the accused Terrorism Abu Bakar Ba'asyir. The trial was held after a delay at the last weekend .Mr.Yusuf ( Vice Court District South Jakarta) said "we are ready, according to the procedure, because the trial will take place today before we bring Ba'asyir." Conducted in coordination with the security portion of the police, Ba'asyir's lawyer also.
Security meeting today has been delegated to the Jakarta Police, Police Resort, South Jakarta, Pasar Minggu Police Sector and also Detasement Anti-Terror. The judge postponed the hearing last week Ba'asyir was yet to receive a call session in accordance with judicial procedure. According to M Assegaf letter must be received three calls prior to the hearing.Ba'asyir's attorney M. Assegaf said: "The letter calls on last week's trial has been delayed because stuck in Kalapas.The delay regrettable, because there are violations of procedural and disability callings, then we must deliver." Although the indictment did not want to disclose the details but M. Assegaf said that Abu Bakar Ba'asyir was charged with seven chapters in depth, which refers to violations of the Anti Terrorism Act. Abu Bakar Ba'asyir in threatening the maximum penalty the death penalty

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anticipating trouble disorders National Stability

  • Law enforcement officials continued the urge to capture the actors charged riot SARA (Ethnic Religion and Race).
Although not yet willing to name the name of social organization, which had often in violation of law, the Indonesian police had pocketed some of these social organizations name. Appropriate instruction of President Police will continue to follow up on observations in the field of social organization which exists. "People who always acting anarchist that we will act firmly" said Irjen.Pol.Anton Bahrul Alam (Head of the Police Community Relations Division of the Republic of Indonesia.Former Head of East Java Regional Police confirmed this action in question is the relation of law do these Social Organization. And when pressed again on behalf of Social Organization name anywhere he has not been willing to mention. Earlier police had said that the Republic of Indonesia  riots that occurred in Temanggung carried out by various community groups. The attacks on three churches on Jl. Sudirman was done in an organized manner.Police do not have any authority in this community organizations disband. Police will only be authorized to provide preventive and persuasive measures. Public Information Bureau Chief of Community Relations Division (Brigadier-General of Police I Ketut Untung Yogaana Thursday (10 / 2) said the conditions, mechanisms, and the authority of freezing and the dissolution of Community Organizations regulated in Law No. 6 of 1983 on the social  also stipulated in Government Regulation No. 18 of 1986 article 18 and 27. By the second clotting phase rule and the dissolution of social organization should provide a number of conditions, his authority is on the central government, provincial, city and district., Yoga said. With the dissolution of social organization to get a response from various parties. Minister of Religious Affairs Mr. Surya Dharma Ali welcomed the proposal of the dissolution of social organization, which if left would disrupt national stability
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do not be easily provoked.

  • Weak law enforcement, the more violent mass.
KH.Muhammad Yusuf Cudlori (Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of Rabithah Mashid Islamiyah Nahdatul Ulama (NU) warns that people should be careful in dealing with cases of defamation of religion in Temanggung, Central Java, which resulted in the mass clashes.'It must be careful in dealing with this case "in Magelang Tuesday. Mass action defamation case after the verdict to the defendant Mr.Antonious Richmond Rawengan at Temanggung District court (08/02/2011). Action burning the local court house and throwing stones, resulting in 9 people injured in the anarchic action. Religion defamation issue as very sensitive, and be wary by all parties.While it is prone to a provocation in an attempt to divide society. So that all people must respect and maintain. Such violence in Temanggung and elsewhere can not be tolerated apparatus, said Gus Yusuf .. "Arrest those involved anarchism, because it can not be justified on the state law" his said. And also Head of the Church Kevikepan which oversees a number of Catholic Church in County Temanggung, Romo Krisno Handoyo Pr, Call for local communities to exercise restraint and not fall for the possibility of provocation from any party associated with that case, so the horizontal conflicts can be avoided ....
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Monday, February 7, 2011

We will only reap what we have planted.

  • 12 Children with HIV / AIDS in Papua?.
Secretary prevention of HIV / AIDS Jayapura regency Mr. Purnomo in Sentani said on Monday (February 7, 2011), son of early childhood (1-4 years) who contracted HIV / AIDS transmitted by their mothers who already have a high risk of disease. Children (1-4 years) is infected through breast milk that is given after childbirth. Mr. Purnomo added that the spread of HIV / AIDS is the phenomenon as "Mountain of Ice".This means there must be real action from local Government and full awareness of the community feared the next generation will get worse and threatened its future. Also reported that during the year 2010 alone the number of people with the disease in the Jayapura regency reached 609 people, comprising 242  men,  367 women. Of course at the dominance of mother housewife 164 cases, the other 124 cases, 102 cases of commercial sex workers, worker / farmer 61 cases, 37 cases of government employees, students / learners 41 cases, 57 cases private employees.With the details according to the age of sufferers 20 to 29 years as many as 285 people, 30 to 39 years about 198 people, 40 to 49 years as many as 55 people, 15 to 19 years as many as 44 people, 1 to 4 years as many as 12 people. The largest number are in District 320 cases Sentani, Sentani east of 126 cases, 26 cases Kaureh, Nimboran 20 cases, 25 cases of West Sentani district. Surely the most widely transmitted through heterosexual contact  at Bumi Kenambay especially,there are 592 cases of transmission through mother to child 4 cases, blood transfusion of 7 people. ( Kompas daily ).
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Constraints on HIV / AIDS.

  • 10 Governor earn MDG's awards.
As many as 10 governor received the award for the successful prevention of HIV / AIDS and the acceleration of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) from the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare (Ministry coordinator for the welfare of the people), Agung Laksono, he said, appreciation and awards are given for commitment to the region in AIDS in the province respectively."Criteria for recipients include Leadership, Pro on key population groups and support for People's Welfare," he said in Jakarta on Monday (31 / 1). Agung said the award is expected to spur the spirit of governors in 33 provinces to work to improve the HIV / AIDS. " They are expected in the area is more intensive, comprehensive, integrated and organized, "said Interior Minister submitted. .Awards handed over Interior Minister Mr.Gamawan Fauzi who each received the Governor. (Jurnal Nasional).

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The phenomenon of suicide and happiness

  • Drought of the soul.
The phenomenon of suicide is often the case lately become more widespread or that the causes very different trend.The suicide is generally done in public places although not entirely correct. There are in the apartment, bridges, malls, or also happen at mosque.Perpetrators  can occur in people affluent or poor.Meanwhile it was thought that the means of ending life suicide is contagious( This is the trigger of victims have the same problem with the perpetrators of suicide. On the basis of equality issues that they intend to end her life by committing suicide .In this case we have not heard a single institution that holds the problem of the suicide problem, and as long as it is still natural. Of course this close relation to psychiatric situations suicide victims had a suicide .In Indonesia alone, including high (Jepang30.000 person / year, China 250,000 people / year. According to WHO data in 2005, Indonesia is 50,000 people commit suicide every year or an average of 1,500 people / year. Apart from psychological factors that encourage people to commit suicide is less social support, the new job loss, poverty, riots psychology, severe conflict refugees and so on. Tazkiyah An-Nafs (Arabic) which means to clean the soul of every trace of dirt and in the framework of the glory of morality.That is one important lesson in our religion Islam. This can be seen from the fact it turns out the adequacy of the material and technological progress which we know today could not guarantee peace and quiet living. But the turmoil of life precisely because of drought  many souls. Portion of human life time is currently only used for the pursuit of material. Rack one's brains work like robots just to pursue wealth .They only thing sure about the looks.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egyptian political crisis

  • In response to "political tsunami Egypt"
Entering demonstrations demanding Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak continue, enter the day 8 (eight) there has been no indication to subside or even more is not conducive. Power of the President of Egypt who was 30 years continues in the demo to resign from office. It seems that the application that created the Government had ignored and followed by a mass strike action and plan of action so that more bigger actions. the Egyptian political tsunami was worried it would interfere with political stabilitysecurity, economic and global region. Relations between Indonesia and Egypt have established good so far should not be interrupted and need special attention. Indonesia is proper help for what is happening in Egypt. Egypt, which has become one of the Indonesian students and students who have a strong interest in studying the religion of Islam and Middle Eastern Culture. Currently there are approximately 6,000 Indonesian students there. Safety and the fate they would have to be addressed. Therefore, the existing right steps the government of Indonesia with a program of mass evacuation in Egypt. Indonesian policy to the citizens the right, fast and responsive will be needed in a crisis situation in Egypt today.The policy must also be escorted though the practices were not encountering many obstacles in the field.The need for personnel, transportation, logistics, communication and socialization aspect is also needed, for security and safety of Indonesian citizens in Mesir.Meanwhile the former vice president Yusuf Kalla warned that resistance by the people Egypt and Tunisia could happen because that is triggered by three main factors: The rise of corruption, lack of democracy or freedom, and the food crisis. This phenomenon is almost the same fate that befell the nation of Indonesia, when the anticipation of food crises and corruption are not finish.Yusuf Kalla was disclosed when found in the commemoration of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) to -59 in Jakarta on Monday (1/31/2011).
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