Sunday, July 25, 2010

Could computers teach the students with no teachers?!

In Indonesia ,especially it seems having so many problem,because differences between in big cities and a separated regions. How about English language is main of operating the computers?,Do any Indonesian students know English well,I don't think that will run as a hope.
I think isn't funny if student push the button of computer keyboard,didn't know the means.It isn't funny a Little boy buy electronic toys just insert the battery didn't know how the toy works.Most of imported toys brings the languages how to operate it one.event the  adult operate the toys without reading the clue. We think it's simple ways how to know the English.
I just wanna express what I feel, I  see around us nearby.I used to be a teacher in separated areas for one year.There's many problem like a new teacher get objection sent to such areas,they want the comfort places one.we hope in future Indonesian student being given access computers as a new concept Education covering Indonesia  Archipelago.
How a lovely !  The children quickly figure out how to use computers and access Internet.they will learn to do what they want to do. Saw student teaching each other how to use computer and picking a new skills.Next time the student experiments then become more ambitious more global.
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