Saturday, July 31, 2010

Violenced against children,has increased ?

  • Children's Day on July,23 2010 (Daily News "Berita Kota")
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Aris Merdeka Sirait from The National commission for children's protection said it had recorded 1.826 cases violence against children across the country starting January to may 2010.In first five months of 2010,there's 1.826 cases.The numbers violence against children covering sexual and physical violence,next Aris Merdeka Sirait as a chairman of The Nation Commission for children's protection added 68 percent of cases were done by close relatives.The were 1.891 cases in 2009,up from 1.626 1n 2008.the data was taken from The National commission of children's protection.It is social crisis and the violence doesn't make a sense.Those who are committed  the violence were one supposed to protect the children a lot,he said.Children who are prone to violence are street children and the children from middle and low income families.
How to stop ignoring the violence against children ? children are like a flowers they need treat and love tenderly.If handled wrong caused of many factors such as depression,anger,family problems,sorrow,frustrations,unclear future,and much more.We (everybody) involved in the life of child.The parent need to give more pay attention of peaceful conditions.Parent cam also minimize terrible decrease in moral characters and behavior as they learn quickly from their own parent.even though child has committed make a mistake,it is our duty to help him realize the seriousness of the mistake,with the help of the good word of wisdom by showing them,the right way avoiding the wrong tracks.Suppose we found to be performing violence activities,the duty parent give good advise and suggestion to avoid such practises.

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