Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Taliban actions.

  • NATO Bases was attacked Taliban in khost area,East of Afghanistan.
Dutch army Pzh-2000 firing on Taliban in Chora...
The Taliban said about 30 fighters,suicide bombers including,were involved in two separated assault.There is no casualties in the Battle in province Khost,East of Kabul.The attack on Forward Operating Base Salerno in Province Khost,began 04.00 or 23.30 GMT.The leader of ISAF reported,the coalition has killing 24 militant and captured several of them.Also Saturday three more American were killed two in bombing in the south -and third in fighting in eastern Afghanistan,The US commander said.that brought number to 38 of US troops this month -well below last month's figure of 66. Two attackers managed to breach the wire protecting Salerno but were killed before they could advance far onto the base,NATO said. Twenty-one  attackers killed - 15 at Salerno and 6 at Chapman.and 5 were captured it said.three more insurgents,including commander were killed in a airsrike as they fled the area,NATO said.The Afghan Defense  Ministry said two Afghan soldiers were killed and three were wounded in the fighting.Four US troops were wounded ,NATO official said.US and Afghan official blame the attack on the Haqqani network,A Pakistan based faction of the Taliban close ties with to Al-Qaeda.Camp Chapman was the scene of the December 30 suicide attack that killed seven CIA employees.Small arm continued through the morning,while NATO helicopters patrolled overhead .The dead waring US army uniforms,which can easily purchased in shops in Kabul and other cities.or may be pilfered  military warehouses.The twin attack appeared to be part of a growing pattern of insurgent assault far from the battlefields southern of Kandahar and Helmand provinces.Which nave been the main focus of the US military campaign,last December.President Barack Obama ordered 30,000 reinforcement to Afghanistan,most to the Kandahar area where the Islamist movement was organised in the mid-1990. ( BBC/FOX NEWS).

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Mike Tyson

  • Focus on the holy land Umrah.
Mike Tyson
Such as previous celebrities ( Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson ) before,now turn to former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson  increasingly popular in the Muslim world since the beginning last July running the holy land Umrah.He did fasting and pray Tarawih at the Masjidil Haram ( Mosque Haram ).He was also seeing the sacred places in the Middle East. For Mike Tyson Ramadan 1431 H to be the  time to reach out blessing of Allah. He looks focus pray behind The Imam at the Masjidil Haram ( Mosque Haram ).Last July 4th 2010 when he was came firstly to Medina he also pray at the Mosque Nabawi and seeing the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad. " I cried when I was realized that in one garden in paradise " Mike Tyson said,quoted  by local media. He keep getting the special guard facility, so he could runs focus on worship. He met Dr. Muhammad Al-Uqala the rector of Islamic University that provides explanation of the facility given to the students.Mike Tyson travelling set by CDA ( Canadian Dawa Association ) an agent used to regulate the Mua'alaf celebrities,president of CDA also contributing to welcome Mike Tyson at the Medina when he was came firstly. His boxer competed professionally on March 6 1985,then he made the game 15 times and won in every game with Knock out ( KO ).His fight against Trevor Berbick at the date March 22,1986,won and holds a version of the heavyweight champion (WBC). He was 20 years old ( the youngest heavyweight champion ) after beating many famous boxer and to be a true boxing champion having 3 titles : WBA,WBC,and IBF.
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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Guitarist legend,Jimi Hendrick.

1. Looseness transformed into narrow mindedness.
Albert KingImage via Wikipedia
 Commemorating 40 years of his death next months,will be held a exhibition in his Flat where he used to live 23 Brook street,London.The exhibition will take a place on august 25 up to Nov,7 2010. He used to live in his Flat with a dearly loved Kathy Etchingham.He was crazy about R & B music,also the Albert king and Muddy waters blues music.He was 18 years old, used to join the Army for 4 years ( The Airborne division 101 ).After 4 years later on Sept,18 1970,He was found death at the Samarkand hotel,Notting Hill.Even though 18 days previously very tumultuous world through concerts on the Isle of Wight.During 362 days long periods in London,Jimi Hendrick leaving a trail as the best World Guitarist so far.Hendrick was very humble and far from superstar syndrome so anyone can easily close to him.Unfortunately.like most of artist he was caught with drugs. He was too good for every one and can not deny that is the problem of him.His Flat open all day,all the time for anyone. He had many girl friends namely a Swedish girl and other women who lived in New York,each giving a child. After touring from Scandinavia and Germany ,He stayed in Samarkand hotel. One day after coming home from party,he returned to the hotel with Germany lady Monica Dannerman.According to the witnesses who saw Hendrick the time then,he was drunk alcohol,Can not wake up to vomit. Monica Dannerman was panic and call ambulance. It's too late Jimi Hendrick was death on the way
to St Mary Abbot hospital. "Jimi dies because simple thing to be difficult,he was die because many are giving different drugs without knowing the dangers." Etchingham said.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Hoping the emphatics.

  • Community toward a better Indonesia.
Kusaeri is a familiar names in our household living environment of areas,Since Kusaeri taxable reduction in the workplace for some time ago.People always use his strength to improve the house only light minor nature.such as leaking water pipes,power outages,broken tiles,window/door less fit properly.Luckily, Kusaeri although no longer work in factories but have  versatile skills that can sustain life in the city like  Jakarta.Although the job wasn't always there but there is belief that people can wear his skills sometimes.  Unlike fellow comrades who returned to the area until now there has been no progress,confusion is also the potential for what could be done.To be frankly average population of its region only have land/paddy field average less than 500 meters,if anybody has got more than that can be counted on the fingers.
One evening after Kusaeri coming home from a neighbour fix leaking gutters,his wife has prepare a black coffee put where usually Kusaeri take a rest.While accompanying her husband,she always told him about the most popular news in the media,such as gas stove,congestion,terrorism,and more urgent and important to him is the rising price of basic commodities continuous.she recalled the time Kusaeri still working there the issues of salaries  increases the market had taken just raise the price firstly,Now certainly will be more complicated.After many times his wife giving words injection Kusaeri could only shake his head can not do anything.( Pray : work from the inside ). If I were had ability and opportunity " he muttered in the heart.
Kusaeri very very conscious person who held a demonstration was just like a football supporter can say/shout,can not do,Although Kusaeri dizzy not to sting his minds,by reason of illness due to many minds is much more difficult in the heal.
In the mind of Kusaeri implied expect people who had been appointed to be leader will have sense of love,have principles,the clear basics of foundation,The goal is not to blind his love,not dragging,and make people confused.Sincere loves and balanced against the subordinate or all the people. Not the leader who considers his power as facility but is a supreme of mandate to be done.
Kusaeri also hope,as he often saw like a glove in the hole is not patched but instead just added all the hole or torn,something that is white if changes could be grey,red,yellow or green as well.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Domestic Violence.

  • Children should not be jailed.
Domestic violence is violence that occurs within domestic sphere.Households can be defined is a place all live together in one place. These household can be a container from life of its inhabitants who could be composed of statuses,a couple marriage husband and wife,parent and children,people who have blood relations,people who work to help domestic life,other people who live in household,people living with the victim or those who are or have ever live together.
Domestic violence against woman.
There are about 6.6271 children's behind prison tortured,some of them trapped in their various crimes.most of them are average teenager but it should be in parentheses in prison custody.Adolescents must feel the chill of prisoners and the harsh treatment he got in jail.some children are tortured in prison throughout Indonesia.Spokesman The Directorate general of correctional Indonesia,Chandran Listiono reported to " Pos kota" a Daily News of Capital of the date July,22 2010.He mentioned the numbers of children's of prisoners and coached student continue to improve during last five years.By the year 2005 children in prison 1.068 child,with supervised protege 1.648.By the year 2006 the numbers of prisoners as many as 1.515 with supervised protege child 1.814.Meanwhile the year 2007,there are 2.206 with child protege 2.149. Then by the year 2008,there wasn't children sent to jail with supervised protege 2.726.in tear 2009 there are 1.993 child with supervised protege 2.536 children,so there was improving cases from 5.630 up to 6.271 in 2010,Candran said. Probably, just take  a note in this cases caused by domestic violence. Masdiana,criminologist from Erlangga University assesses the phenomenon street children as a growing case that spurred by the social system that surround in the families.The children choose live on the streets because they could find the model,the social function of the family does not run,so order norms and ethics they don't get and became ""wild".
Aris Merdeka Sirait chairman of the commission national of child protection condemned imprisoned of children because it will impact on the physical because of the torture and psychology."imprison a child violates the rights of the children " Aris said. At the age less than 12 years old should not be in prison,while children at age 12-18 years if found guilty of crime will be repatriated or handed over the state for guidance in nursing supervision.
People's resenpretatives of the board of government reseprentatives continue to encourage government  not to imprisoned children in the inputs criminals,but sent the children into government-owned rehab. "We will continue to urge the government not to imprison the child because the child is the next generation,who need guidance and protection".said Fahri Hamzah (vice chairman of parliamentary commission III)in prison visit to mataram last time.Board reseprentatives of the people need to learn the legal rules that regulate and guarantee the right of the children who are faced the law.this should coordinate with relevant agencies.Meanwhile a new form approval between five ministries and the police not to imprison the children of the criminal suspect.They ( five ministries and the police ) agree not to sent the children in jail.Five ministries namely Minister of  Law and Human Right,Minister of Health,Social Minister,National Education Minister also Minister for Religion.The children who are more older than 18 years old,doing serious crime like murder or premeditated murder will remain in jail.The parliament also remind the police to be wary of foreign funds for the handling crime,human smuggling/people smuggling.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moral Compass

  • The balancing value of characters ( inner strenght ), Mind ( intellect ),skills,physically and spiritually healthy.
The large Indonesian dictionaries ( Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia ) interpreted that concept of education as "the process changing attitudes and ethical behavior in individual or groups of mature human being through the effort of teaching and training " Ki Hajar Dewantara in the book of recalls memories of the promotion of culture issues Doctorate Honorees Cause ( Yogyakarta,1967:42).looking at education as an effort to promote character (inner strength),Mind (intellect),and physical children in harmony with nature and  community.Muhammad Natsir  Islamic ideology in his writings, wrote so the called education is physical and spiritual leaders to perfections and completeness of the meaning of humanity with the real meaning.
Ahmad D.Marimba (1980;19) proposed a definition education as follows; Education is conscious guidance or leadership by the educators of development of the physical and spiritual formation toward the major personality. Many editorials had different meaning but one thing for sure,the scope of education much broader just equip children with knowledge,namely the effort to form a human learners became complete human beings.
Indonesia has recently participate in the 21th- International Biology Olympiad in Changwon,South Korea.There is always a level that can be addressed only achievement on the stage.The lucky student among others from SMAN 1 Pringsewu,Lampung (Irfan Haris),from SMK 1 BPK Penabur,Jakarta (Harun Reza Sugito),both are obtained gold medal and government scholarships has been preparing to both students had to rank Strata 3. Two bronze medal also won by Indonesian students each Danang Crysnanto ( SMAN 1, Wonogiri ),Thoriq Salafi (MAN Insan Cendekia,Tangerang) the two had put up a scholarship to Strata 1.Elementary School Level didn't want  to miss the Gold medal in the team category of 13th the World Mathematics contest ( 13th Po Leung Kuk Primary World Contest),in Hong Kong on July 10 - 14,2010.In the Individual Category Indonesia students won four silver medals (second class honour ) namely Nicholas Steven Husada ( SD Universal,Jakarta),Rezky Arizaputra ( SD Al-Azhar, Rawamangun ),Aghasa Kareef Ratam ( SD Al- Izhar,Pondok Labu ),Stanley Orlando ( SD Santa Ursula,Jakarta ).
One of the team category,Aghasa felt proud getting Gold Medal. He fond of mathematics subject because interesting also challenging.
They all Indonesia students are proud and could bring a good name internationally.We hope Indonesian student could compete more in another subject someday.Unfortunately the succeed just in mind aspect (intellect). How about aspect embodiment of the whole Indonesians people ?. According to the old concept of complete human beings is the roundness/integrity between aspects of physical and spiritual,between the intellect and skills,often referred also the concept roundness/balance between the 3H's: Head ( intellect ),Hand ( skills ),Heart ( inner strength ).That the formation of Human Indonesia Whole must be implemented by all educational institutions,namely family,school and community. The religion could be used in building human as moral compass.As a system of Indonesians culture values and social psyclology ,a potential human subject universally covering 7 potential among others;
1.The potential bodily,body and a sense of  healthy ( normal ).
2.The potential for taught.
3.The potential for taste,both ethical and aesthetic.
4.The potential of intention ( the will,desire and inclination tendencies,passions, including initiatives).
5.The potential creation ( imagination,creativity,fantasy )
6.The potential of the work  ( the ability to produce,work,charity as other potential follow-up ).
7.The potential of conscience mind. (conscious mind ).
  The seventh innate potential will be develop in education process,the development level will determine the personal qualities so-called " Self realization " or "self-actualization ".
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yoga Amarta,we are proud of you.

Most of parent of course want what is the best and give what is best for their own children.How far we as parent can assist,educate and give a good example for them.It,isn't easy because children tend to play as his world.Preference and patience could make children much more better.like Yoga Amarta he is one of pride SDN Kramat Jati 27 Pagi.He signed five major Olympic competition Kramat Jati sub district level in math.In his rapport value of nature of science is 9,math,8 and Indonesian  7,5.His dream is became a doctor one day.He was already targeting some places to continue after graduation later.
What so special in Yoga is familiar with Internet,even though  have not taught at school." I download a lot about math problem of the Internet,but have not taught at school " he said.
Yoga was born at 11 September 1999,his father name is Rudi Sunandar. the son of Rudi ,Yoga also often visited  library to deepen his favorite major, mathematics he fond of mathematics since a kid.His activities in music also a member a drum band group at school.Yoga obtained discipline because accustomed since a kid too.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Copy and Paste

It is a bit confused to make a differ emulate or imitate,imitating and copying ? for me if I'm not mistaken to imitate the action people are doing exactly what they do.Examples is the action may not act exactly like what they do.Every day we are confronted with examples of any matter in the school. As a Muslim we are tought to imitate behaviors ,actions of the prophet Muhammad.In a business we are gives example how to be and applicable system to be success man.Do I have to imitating or copying?
Recently "Kompas" Daily News wrote that "copy and paste"has become general among student Indonesia.Many student had answer or any variety of argument that says there is sin,there is origin of the source is allowed to say ( as appreciation to the author). Because it is considered "copy and paste" is shortcut tool that is used to find  information needed to write their paper in university.Many lecturer recommended find additional information in Internet.Sociology lecture at the same time in the social sciences and political sciences University of Indonesia Imam B Prasojo declare the action Copy and Paste is entrenched among the student because they are not fully aware that here there is academic value.Imam prasojo suggest to tighten the system with socializing or making writing academic subject.Student to be honest,since the act of cheating is plagiarism.Before exams student should sign if his works is original,not cheating. if proven later his title would be revoked  It's could be one way to prevent the culture "copy and paste".
Hening Kartika from University of Gajah Mada said the lack of confidence that make "copy and paste " entrenched and as a form of persecution against themselves.Also lowering creativity and know yourself.
Rectorate, University of Indonesia's main buil...Image via Wikipedia
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