Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jonggol [Bogor] prepared as a centre of goverment of the Republic Indonesia.

Sub Jonggol the later was widely nominated as successor administrative center of Indonesia make Bogor Regency busy fix facilities and imsfrastructure.among them,by building road axis the middle east until the District Jonggol Sentul circuit."We prepare the budget of Rp 750 billion for infrastructure development districts Jonggol. Some funds had been prepared which is a grant fund from Bogor Regency, "said Rachmat Yasin Regent Bogor, on Thursday.

"While the rest will ask for help from central government and provinces," he said. Rachmat Yasin as a first step would be to lobby President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, to provide assistance for infrastructure development.
If Jonggol canceled so the central government, Central-Eastern axis will still be fighting for its development. "Want to be approved or not, the important thing we fix the eastern region of Bogor regency," he said.

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