Monday, October 11, 2010

Tough and intellegent woman in the headquarters police.

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Life is a choice. This is experienced by Bridjen Pol. Basaria Panjaitan although at first he was not thought to be a Police. After finishing college majoring in law at the University Jayabaya 1984, he only thinks should immediately get a job, said Basaria Panjaitan. One of eight brothers none of whom became police members.The time Police announced the receipt of the undergraduate members of the police, he signed up in Sukabumi and received during then. Underlying the type hardworking and enthusiasm for learning is high, it is not wasted in vain working in a field that has become his choice.She was born in 1957 after graduated as a police woman assigned as a narcotics detective, and had served in the Police of Bali. He also served as head of the narcotics unit in East Nusa Tenggara in 1987. during her career she served in many parts of Drugs, although this task is run many male police officers but for him the woman must be accomplished. Notable achievements have shown Brigjen.Pol Basaria Panjaitan at the time was the Director of Investigation to the Riau Islands Police area in 2007. Effort smuggling and dismantle international drug network he managed to dismantle the time. After that his career is progressing steadily and brightest to become Commander Provost until 2010, and is now placed as Senior Lecturer Renbang headquarters police.
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