Saturday, October 16, 2010

Between human and robot.

  • Students without morality no different than robot.
Many student who won a lot of intellectual achievement, or in a variety of academic achievement in the prestigious event in the International stage. It is a barometer that the development of science and technology contribute enough to education. When we boast the world who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in the academic field but unthinkable if students were actually students also need moral education. Learning at the time small kids such as painting on rock, was studying at an old age like a painting on the water. Sure to be the exact moment when we give moral guidance as early as possible. At least not every coach will be able to give young people the color of old age later. Indications are already visible today is the human figure as robot that spiritual dry, arrogant, fragile, and poor of ethics.The less of respect for teachers or older, brawl due to the trivial. It became one more indication that the gap widened further due to the existing values in technological progress and moral values that are embedded within students.The purpose of education is actually a human form that has a comprehensive intelligence includes intelligence intellectual, moral, social, and Religion.The effort to create intelligent students intellectually without leaving any aspect moral. And the end, existing curriculum can be tailored to what is good for the soul and what is harmful to the soul of the students.
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