Monday, October 25, 2010

Old town.

Representation of the Chinese five elements (w...
  • Business center,where the biggest turnover in Indonesia and Chinatown.
Despite already having revamping  its traditional atmosphere of the region are still like used to be. Many people come to this place, because in this place provides the good food, fruits, electronics, fresh vegetables, medicines, and others. In Glodok public can buy traditional Chinese medicines from ingredients until that directly imported from China.The oldest pharmacies in the region that is Ben Seng, now renamed Pharmacies Bintang Semesta. In the area of sidewalk vendors who are now much better after a special local government capital improvement repairs, this shop of traditional Chinese medicine which is now popular Bintang Semesta is a variety of traditional Chinese medicine can be found from traditional medicine to specific drugs. Vitamins from bird's nest, ginseng, deer and also provides a Shin-She, said the drug entrepreneurs Bintang Semesta.Kind of cure for the middle class and above, such as Ginseng capsules [ling zhi], Spore capsules, Propolis, and the other is also no cure mouth ulcer, cough . arrack patches or pads, for example Qing Re An Gong Wan to the heat in, Chuanbei, Tipalu to cough, Shenyang Red Flower capsule / spray / Patch for Rheumatism. This area is very interesting because many stores the history of the past, most business centers also the velocity of money in Indonesia and Chinatown. Evidence of all it is the number of buildings with architectural styles, calligraphy China.Before 60s very lively area during the Lunar New Year{IMLEK}, because after that the government banned a variety of activities characterized China.After almost nearly 50-year period of this region re-permitted conduct bebagai activities with the feel of China during the reign of President Abdulrahman Wahid by Presidential Decree no. 6 year 2006.
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