Sunday, October 24, 2010

The dilution of scientific tradition.

  • Commemorating the Day oath youth.
In the past we have what we called scientific tradition is so strong inherent in the early 20th-century. Through the tradition of discussion,networking,building political organization to produce sworn think youth 1928. But the scientific  tradition is turning to fade over time in contemporary politics Indonesia. Mentality politicians now can not afford to continue the great tradition of knowledge generation 20th- centuries. Mr.Yudi Latief Politics observers said: " science is not developed, science gone from slavery mental or slaver mentality[22/10/10]. In discussion at Bentara Budaya Jakarta in order to welcome " Youth Pledge ". Other speaker in discussion there is Mr.Rocky Gerung [philoshopy lecturer],Director of PT. Pertamina Mrs.Karen Agustiawan,Deputy Director of PT. Mustika Ratu,Mrs Putri Kuswinu Wardani,and chairman of East Java Cooperative Mr.Yoos Lutfi. Mr.Yudi Latief said :
  • Focusing on outward appearence is slave mentality, behind the glittering appearence that just completely blank.
  • Key factors that make the attitude toward wealth very dominant.
  • Giving support political process in parliament was limited to capital transactions.
  • Caused by the fading of cultural knowledge,the logical power melted.
 This is why it's not surprising when the House of Representative lawmakers preoccupied by the road way go abroad. it's very ironic during the Early 20th-centuries where young people developed the tradition of Indonesia scientific that could deliver them to know and understand the big ideas politics of Independence and democracy. Politics condition that are not based on scientific Indonesian will stutter in formulating and seeking solutions. The solutions to solve many current problems and future challenges to come. In another part of the speaker Mrs.Karen Agustiawan explain the challenges already seem obvious, where Indonesia  has a serious challenges in the form of endless oil energy within 15 years next. Preparing PT. Pertamina into a major player in the upstream oil and gas industry. Mrs Karen said further been only take care of the downstream sales within the last 4 years. The situation got more complicated when there is mentality KKN [ corruption,collusion,nepotism] and the small thing that hinder development progress. Mrs Putri from PT. Mustika Ratu said also another serious threat and not less importantly,the invasion is very cheap  manufactured product from China. Protection against Indonesian businessman who are still minimal.

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