Sunday, October 10, 2010

National leaders come togeher to discuss problem facing the Indonesian Nation.

Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport
 Jusuf Kalla : Seeds law of the jungle began to appear.

The national figures such as Wiranto, Jusuf Kalla, Taufik Kiemas, Din Syamsudin, Mahfud MD gathered at the headquarters of Muhammadiyah [Friday October 8, 2010]. Former vice president Jusuf Kalla, assess the current administration began to lose the trust of society that result in uncomfortable way the current administration. Jusuf Kalla also reminded the government not to lose the trust so that people can solve problems lately. That said Jusuf Kalla said after a visit to Thailand and learn the importance of relationships between other government authority that is used to monitor people with confidence.Thailand is an example of the lack of government authority and trust of the community. Thailand's government of corruption so that authority fell and led to riots some time ago.A seed instability began to appear as a free society can not be controlled. The seed law of the jungle that exceeded the limit, as will be killed nobody paid no penalty.[pos kota].
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