Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New forms of threats from Malaysia.

Map of Malaysia, circa 1914
There is many foods and beverages began flooding the market local.Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Food and Beverage [GAMMI] said "The threats come from Malaysia, not from China". In the  month January to August 2010 product foods and beverages that go through the port is set by the Ministry of Trade  rose quite high 17.36%, Singapore 8.23% and 5.86% from the United States. Of course this will be a new challenge the Indonesian government to support local products to compete with imported products. One of the triggers flood of Malaysian products in addition to low prices, the Malaysian Government to provide intensive exemption and tax reduction on this sector. [food and beverage]. Also provided relief to gas prices up to 30%.Meanwhile, in Indonesia alone the industry had to buy at market price and charged high taxes. When we look at the supermarket shop we will find household equipment, food industry and fruits, we can recognize the packaging that can not all know what that means. Packaging is in Indonesian label just composition, expiration date is recommended for packaging a clear view can not be read / understood as if the whole nation will this all told to read letters of China, Korea or Japan. What the hell wants the government and employers of this nation? [Rahardi Ramelan, Poskota]. Similar fate experienced by employers slippers/shoes in Ciomas {Bogor, West Java]. Revealed that the products on the market with less competitive outer product [China]. The entrepreneur sandals / shoes in Ciomas can expect Chinese products could be stopped. They also [ entrepreneurs] can sell cheaply when given a low-cost capital and policies that are favorable to the businessmen. Despite this fact can be explained due to trade agreements with China and ASEAN, or CAFTA that have been formulated less and less careful preparation
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