Monday, August 23, 2010

The Guitarist legend,Jimi Hendrick.

1. Looseness transformed into narrow mindedness.
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 Commemorating 40 years of his death next months,will be held a exhibition in his Flat where he used to live 23 Brook street,London.The exhibition will take a place on august 25 up to Nov,7 2010. He used to live in his Flat with a dearly loved Kathy Etchingham.He was crazy about R & B music,also the Albert king and Muddy waters blues music.He was 18 years old, used to join the Army for 4 years ( The Airborne division 101 ).After 4 years later on Sept,18 1970,He was found death at the Samarkand hotel,Notting Hill.Even though 18 days previously very tumultuous world through concerts on the Isle of Wight.During 362 days long periods in London,Jimi Hendrick leaving a trail as the best World Guitarist so far.Hendrick was very humble and far from superstar syndrome so anyone can easily close to most of artist he was caught with drugs. He was too good for every one and can not deny that is the problem of him.His Flat open all day,all the time for anyone. He had many girl friends namely a Swedish girl and other women who lived in New York,each giving a child. After touring from Scandinavia and Germany ,He stayed in Samarkand hotel. One day after coming home from party,he returned to the hotel with Germany lady Monica Dannerman.According to the witnesses who saw Hendrick the time then,he was drunk alcohol,Can not wake up to vomit. Monica Dannerman was panic and call ambulance. It's too late Jimi Hendrick was death on the way
to St Mary Abbot hospital. "Jimi dies because simple thing to be difficult,he was die because many are giving different drugs without knowing the dangers." Etchingham said.

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too bad, but he's great guitar player

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