Monday, August 16, 2010

Hoping the emphatics.

  • Community toward a better Indonesia.
Kusaeri is a familiar names in our household living environment of areas,Since Kusaeri taxable reduction in the workplace for some time ago.People always use his strength to improve the house only light minor nature.such as leaking water pipes,power outages,broken tiles,window/door less fit properly.Luckily, Kusaeri although no longer work in factories but have  versatile skills that can sustain life in the city like  Jakarta.Although the job wasn't always there but there is belief that people can wear his skills sometimes.  Unlike fellow comrades who returned to the area until now there has been no progress,confusion is also the potential for what could be done.To be frankly average population of its region only have land/paddy field average less than 500 meters,if anybody has got more than that can be counted on the fingers.
One evening after Kusaeri coming home from a neighbour fix leaking gutters,his wife has prepare a black coffee put where usually Kusaeri take a rest.While accompanying her husband,she always told him about the most popular news in the media,such as gas stove,congestion,terrorism,and more urgent and important to him is the rising price of basic commodities continuous.she recalled the time Kusaeri still working there the issues of salaries  increases the market had taken just raise the price firstly,Now certainly will be more complicated.After many times his wife giving words injection Kusaeri could only shake his head can not do anything.( Pray : work from the inside ). If I were had ability and opportunity " he muttered in the heart.
Kusaeri very very conscious person who held a demonstration was just like a football supporter can say/shout,can not do,Although Kusaeri dizzy not to sting his minds,by reason of illness due to many minds is much more difficult in the heal.
In the mind of Kusaeri implied expect people who had been appointed to be leader will have sense of love,have principles,the clear basics of foundation,The goal is not to blind his love,not dragging,and make people confused.Sincere loves and balanced against the subordinate or all the people. Not the leader who considers his power as facility but is a supreme of mandate to be done.
Kusaeri also hope,as he often saw like a glove in the hole is not patched but instead just added all the hole or torn,something that is white if changes could be grey,red,yellow or green as well.


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