Monday, August 30, 2010

Mike Tyson

  • Focus on the holy land Umrah.
Mike Tyson
Such as previous celebrities ( Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson ) before,now turn to former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson  increasingly popular in the Muslim world since the beginning last July running the holy land Umrah.He did fasting and pray Tarawih at the Masjidil Haram ( Mosque Haram ).He was also seeing the sacred places in the Middle East. For Mike Tyson Ramadan 1431 H to be the  time to reach out blessing of Allah. He looks focus pray behind The Imam at the Masjidil Haram ( Mosque Haram ).Last July 4th 2010 when he was came firstly to Medina he also pray at the Mosque Nabawi and seeing the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad. " I cried when I was realized that in one garden in paradise " Mike Tyson said,quoted  by local media. He keep getting the special guard facility, so he could runs focus on worship. He met Dr. Muhammad Al-Uqala the rector of Islamic University that provides explanation of the facility given to the students.Mike Tyson travelling set by CDA ( Canadian Dawa Association ) an agent used to regulate the Mua'alaf celebrities,president of CDA also contributing to welcome Mike Tyson at the Medina when he was came firstly. His boxer competed professionally on March 6 1985,then he made the game 15 times and won in every game with Knock out ( KO ).His fight against Trevor Berbick at the date March 22,1986,won and holds a version of the heavyweight champion (WBC). He was 20 years old ( the youngest heavyweight champion ) after beating many famous boxer and to be a true boxing champion having 3 titles : WBA,WBC,and IBF.
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