Monday, August 9, 2010

Domestic Violence.

  • Children should not be jailed.
Domestic violence is violence that occurs within domestic sphere.Households can be defined is a place all live together in one place. These household can be a container from life of its inhabitants who could be composed of statuses,a couple marriage husband and wife,parent and children,people who have blood relations,people who work to help domestic life,other people who live in household,people living with the victim or those who are or have ever live together.
Domestic violence against woman.
There are about 6.6271 children's behind prison tortured,some of them trapped in their various crimes.most of them are average teenager but it should be in parentheses in prison custody.Adolescents must feel the chill of prisoners and the harsh treatment he got in jail.some children are tortured in prison throughout Indonesia.Spokesman The Directorate general of correctional Indonesia,Chandran Listiono reported to " Pos kota" a Daily News of Capital of the date July,22 2010.He mentioned the numbers of children's of prisoners and coached student continue to improve during last five years.By the year 2005 children in prison 1.068 child,with supervised protege 1.648.By the year 2006 the numbers of prisoners as many as 1.515 with supervised protege child 1.814.Meanwhile the year 2007,there are 2.206 with child protege 2.149. Then by the year 2008,there wasn't children sent to jail with supervised protege tear 2009 there are 1.993 child with supervised protege 2.536 children,so there was improving cases from 5.630 up to 6.271 in 2010,Candran said. Probably, just take  a note in this cases caused by domestic violence. Masdiana,criminologist from Erlangga University assesses the phenomenon street children as a growing case that spurred by the social system that surround in the families.The children choose live on the streets because they could find the model,the social function of the family does not run,so order norms and ethics they don't get and became ""wild".
Aris Merdeka Sirait chairman of the commission national of child protection condemned imprisoned of children because it will impact on the physical because of the torture and psychology."imprison a child violates the rights of the children " Aris said. At the age less than 12 years old should not be in prison,while children at age 12-18 years if found guilty of crime will be repatriated or handed over the state for guidance in nursing supervision.
People's resenpretatives of the board of government reseprentatives continue to encourage government  not to imprisoned children in the inputs criminals,but sent the children into government-owned rehab. "We will continue to urge the government not to imprison the child because the child is the next generation,who need guidance and protection".said Fahri Hamzah (vice chairman of parliamentary commission III)in prison visit to mataram last time.Board reseprentatives of the people need to learn the legal rules that regulate and guarantee the right of the children who are faced the law.this should coordinate with relevant agencies.Meanwhile a new form approval between five ministries and the police not to imprison the children of the criminal suspect.They ( five ministries and the police ) agree not to sent the children in jail.Five ministries namely Minister of  Law and Human Right,Minister of Health,Social Minister,National Education Minister also Minister for Religion.The children who are more older than 18 years old,doing serious crime like murder or premeditated murder will remain in jail.The parliament also remind the police to be wary of foreign funds for the handling crime,human smuggling/people smuggling.

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