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Moral Compass

  • The balancing value of characters ( inner strenght ), Mind ( intellect ),skills,physically and spiritually healthy.
The large Indonesian dictionaries ( Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia ) interpreted that concept of education as "the process changing attitudes and ethical behavior in individual or groups of mature human being through the effort of teaching and training " Ki Hajar Dewantara in the book of recalls memories of the promotion of culture issues Doctorate Honorees Cause ( Yogyakarta,1967:42).looking at education as an effort to promote character (inner strength),Mind (intellect),and physical children in harmony with nature and  community.Muhammad Natsir  Islamic ideology in his writings, wrote so the called education is physical and spiritual leaders to perfections and completeness of the meaning of humanity with the real meaning.
Ahmad D.Marimba (1980;19) proposed a definition education as follows; Education is conscious guidance or leadership by the educators of development of the physical and spiritual formation toward the major personality. Many editorials had different meaning but one thing for sure,the scope of education much broader just equip children with knowledge,namely the effort to form a human learners became complete human beings.
Indonesia has recently participate in the 21th- International Biology Olympiad in Changwon,South Korea.There is always a level that can be addressed only achievement on the stage.The lucky student among others from SMAN 1 Pringsewu,Lampung (Irfan Haris),from SMK 1 BPK Penabur,Jakarta (Harun Reza Sugito),both are obtained gold medal and government scholarships has been preparing to both students had to rank Strata 3. Two bronze medal also won by Indonesian students each Danang Crysnanto ( SMAN 1, Wonogiri ),Thoriq Salafi (MAN Insan Cendekia,Tangerang) the two had put up a scholarship to Strata 1.Elementary School Level didn't want  to miss the Gold medal in the team category of 13th the World Mathematics contest ( 13th Po Leung Kuk Primary World Contest),in Hong Kong on July 10 - 14,2010.In the Individual Category Indonesia students won four silver medals (second class honour ) namely Nicholas Steven Husada ( SD Universal,Jakarta),Rezky Arizaputra ( SD Al-Azhar, Rawamangun ),Aghasa Kareef Ratam ( SD Al- Izhar,Pondok Labu ),Stanley Orlando ( SD Santa Ursula,Jakarta ).
One of the team category,Aghasa felt proud getting Gold Medal. He fond of mathematics subject because interesting also challenging.
They all Indonesia students are proud and could bring a good name internationally.We hope Indonesian student could compete more in another subject someday.Unfortunately the succeed just in mind aspect (intellect). How about aspect embodiment of the whole Indonesians people ?. According to the old concept of complete human beings is the roundness/integrity between aspects of physical and spiritual,between the intellect and skills,often referred also the concept roundness/balance between the 3H's: Head ( intellect ),Hand ( skills ),Heart ( inner strength ).That the formation of Human Indonesia Whole must be implemented by all educational institutions,namely family,school and community. The religion could be used in building human as moral compass.As a system of Indonesians culture values and social psyclology ,a potential human subject universally covering 7 potential among others;
1.The potential bodily,body and a sense of  healthy ( normal ).
2.The potential for taught.
3.The potential for taste,both ethical and aesthetic.
4.The potential of intention ( the will,desire and inclination tendencies,passions, including initiatives).
5.The potential creation ( imagination,creativity,fantasy )
6.The potential of the work  ( the ability to produce,work,charity as other potential follow-up ).
7.The potential of conscience mind. (conscious mind ).
  The seventh innate potential will be develop in education process,the development level will determine the personal qualities so-called " Self realization " or "self-actualization ".
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