Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yoga Amarta,we are proud of you.

Most of parent of course want what is the best and give what is best for their own children.How far we as parent can assist,educate and give a good example for them.It,isn't easy because children tend to play as his world.Preference and patience could make children much more better.like Yoga Amarta he is one of pride SDN Kramat Jati 27 Pagi.He signed five major Olympic competition Kramat Jati sub district level in math.In his rapport value of nature of science is 9,math,8 and Indonesian  7,5.His dream is became a doctor one day.He was already targeting some places to continue after graduation later.
What so special in Yoga is familiar with Internet,even though  have not taught at school." I download a lot about math problem of the Internet,but have not taught at school " he said.
Yoga was born at 11 September 1999,his father name is Rudi Sunandar. the son of Rudi ,Yoga also often visited  library to deepen his favorite major, mathematics he fond of mathematics since a kid.His activities in music also a member a drum band group at school.Yoga obtained discipline because accustomed since a kid too.


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