Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Taliban actions.

  • NATO Bases was attacked Taliban in khost area,East of Afghanistan.
Dutch army Pzh-2000 firing on Taliban in Chora...
The Taliban said about 30 fighters,suicide bombers including,were involved in two separated assault.There is no casualties in the Battle in province Khost,East of Kabul.The attack on Forward Operating Base Salerno in Province Khost,began 04.00 or 23.30 GMT.The leader of ISAF reported,the coalition has killing 24 militant and captured several of them.Also Saturday three more American were killed two in bombing in the south -and third in fighting in eastern Afghanistan,The US commander said.that brought number to 38 of US troops this month -well below last month's figure of 66. Two attackers managed to breach the wire protecting Salerno but were killed before they could advance far onto the base,NATO said. Twenty-one  attackers killed - 15 at Salerno and 6 at Chapman.and 5 were captured it said.three more insurgents,including commander were killed in a airsrike as they fled the area,NATO said.The Afghan Defense  Ministry said two Afghan soldiers were killed and three were wounded in the fighting.Four US troops were wounded ,NATO official said.US and Afghan official blame the attack on the Haqqani network,A Pakistan based faction of the Taliban close ties with to Al-Qaeda.Camp Chapman was the scene of the December 30 suicide attack that killed seven CIA employees.Small arm continued through the morning,while NATO helicopters patrolled overhead .The dead waring US army uniforms,which can easily purchased in shops in Kabul and other cities.or may be pilfered  military warehouses.The twin attack appeared to be part of a growing pattern of insurgent assault far from the battlefields southern of Kandahar and Helmand provinces.Which nave been the main focus of the US military campaign,last December.President Barack Obama ordered 30,000 reinforcement to Afghanistan,most to the Kandahar area where the Islamist movement was organised in the mid-1990. ( BBC/FOX NEWS).

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