Saturday, February 5, 2011

The phenomenon of suicide and happiness

  • Drought of the soul.
The phenomenon of suicide is often the case lately become more widespread or that the causes very different trend.The suicide is generally done in public places although not entirely correct. There are in the apartment, bridges, malls, or also happen at mosque.Perpetrators  can occur in people affluent or poor.Meanwhile it was thought that the means of ending life suicide is contagious( This is the trigger of victims have the same problem with the perpetrators of suicide. On the basis of equality issues that they intend to end her life by committing suicide .In this case we have not heard a single institution that holds the problem of the suicide problem, and as long as it is still natural. Of course this close relation to psychiatric situations suicide victims had a suicide .In Indonesia alone, including high (Jepang30.000 person / year, China 250,000 people / year. According to WHO data in 2005, Indonesia is 50,000 people commit suicide every year or an average of 1,500 people / year. Apart from psychological factors that encourage people to commit suicide is less social support, the new job loss, poverty, riots psychology, severe conflict refugees and so on. Tazkiyah An-Nafs (Arabic) which means to clean the soul of every trace of dirt and in the framework of the glory of morality.That is one important lesson in our religion Islam. This can be seen from the fact it turns out the adequacy of the material and technological progress which we know today could not guarantee peace and quiet living. But the turmoil of life precisely because of drought  many souls. Portion of human life time is currently only used for the pursuit of material. Rack one's brains work like robots just to pursue wealth .They only thing sure about the looks.
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