Monday, February 7, 2011

We will only reap what we have planted.

  • 12 Children with HIV / AIDS in Papua?.
Secretary prevention of HIV / AIDS Jayapura regency Mr. Purnomo in Sentani said on Monday (February 7, 2011), son of early childhood (1-4 years) who contracted HIV / AIDS transmitted by their mothers who already have a high risk of disease. Children (1-4 years) is infected through breast milk that is given after childbirth. Mr. Purnomo added that the spread of HIV / AIDS is the phenomenon as "Mountain of Ice".This means there must be real action from local Government and full awareness of the community feared the next generation will get worse and threatened its future. Also reported that during the year 2010 alone the number of people with the disease in the Jayapura regency reached 609 people, comprising 242  men,  367 women. Of course at the dominance of mother housewife 164 cases, the other 124 cases, 102 cases of commercial sex workers, worker / farmer 61 cases, 37 cases of government employees, students / learners 41 cases, 57 cases private employees.With the details according to the age of sufferers 20 to 29 years as many as 285 people, 30 to 39 years about 198 people, 40 to 49 years as many as 55 people, 15 to 19 years as many as 44 people, 1 to 4 years as many as 12 people. The largest number are in District 320 cases Sentani, Sentani east of 126 cases, 26 cases Kaureh, Nimboran 20 cases, 25 cases of West Sentani district. Surely the most widely transmitted through heterosexual contact  at Bumi Kenambay especially,there are 592 cases of transmission through mother to child 4 cases, blood transfusion of 7 people. ( Kompas daily ).
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