Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egyptian political crisis

  • In response to "political tsunami Egypt"
Entering demonstrations demanding Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak continue, enter the day 8 (eight) there has been no indication to subside or even more is not conducive. Power of the President of Egypt who was 30 years continues in the demo to resign from office. It seems that the application that created the Government had ignored and followed by a mass strike action and plan of action so that more bigger actions. the Egyptian political tsunami was worried it would interfere with political stabilitysecurity, economic and global region. Relations between Indonesia and Egypt have established good so far should not be interrupted and need special attention. Indonesia is proper help for what is happening in Egypt. Egypt, which has become one of the Indonesian students and students who have a strong interest in studying the religion of Islam and Middle Eastern Culture. Currently there are approximately 6,000 Indonesian students there. Safety and the fate they would have to be addressed. Therefore, the existing right steps the government of Indonesia with a program of mass evacuation in Egypt. Indonesian policy to the citizens the right, fast and responsive will be needed in a crisis situation in Egypt today.The policy must also be escorted though the practices were not encountering many obstacles in the field.The need for personnel, transportation, logistics, communication and socialization aspect is also needed, for security and safety of Indonesian citizens in Mesir.Meanwhile the former vice president Yusuf Kalla warned that resistance by the people Egypt and Tunisia could happen because that is triggered by three main factors: The rise of corruption, lack of democracy or freedom, and the food crisis. This phenomenon is almost the same fate that befell the nation of Indonesia, when the anticipation of food crises and corruption are not finish.Yusuf Kalla was disclosed when found in the commemoration of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) to -59 in Jakarta on Monday (1/31/2011).
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