Saturday, January 29, 2011

Extreme weather

  • Marginalized fishing communities.
High waves that reach 3 feet or more to force the fishermen chose not to go to sea. Due to the small tools and the ability of the ship which is not proper that the small boats were easily reversed. In the area of western cape east coast, Jambi for examples there are many thousands of fishermen who are unemployed, because strong winds and high waves. On the east lombok also occurred the same case even a lot of fishermen who lost the sea water-borne. In filling the void time fishermen spend a lot of time to improve fishing gear and worked odd jobs to make ends meet them. Likewise, Tegal, Central Java on many fishermen who mortgaged their property to meet their daily needs. Mortgage companies in this area increased significantly since november 2010 until now.Increasing demand for mortgage loans fishermen, for example look at the Branch Office Service Unit Tegalsari Pawnshop, located in the area of Fishery Port Beach Tegalsari, Tegal. About 90 percent of customers pawn office was the family of fishermen and fish traders.Manager Branch Office Service Unit Tegalsari Pawnshop, Caswanto, Thursday (13 / 1), said in December the demand for credit pledge reached USD 1.25 billion. In this month until Thursday, the demand for mortgage loans has reached USD 600 million. It is estimated that, until late January, demand for mortgage loans of about USD 1.3 billion. therefore, we should bear serious attention of government towards the fishermen that during bad weather can provide serious guidance as long as they have not been able to sea. So the fate of the fishermen in this country increasingly have better prospects.
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