Monday, January 31, 2011


  • Gayus Tambunan the "Mascot" corruption of Indonesia. 
After the arrest last March Gayus Tambunan (30 / 3 / 10)  when they wanted to buy dinner at the Asian Food Court, Lucky Plaza, Singapore.Alleged soloist (Sri Mulyani) in conducting the action began to appear. After several officials and other persons who participated as well in doing action roles began to lift. There are officials who are in non-switch there are probably still waiting for in order to resign. Singapore seems to be a favorite hiding place armpit economic criminals.Gayus Halomoan Tambunan known case brokers taxation / tax case does not fit the rules while serving on the review Directorate general objection to tax. At the time of the case reveal that time be removed immediately. His name was first called by the former Chief of Criminal Division Commissioner General Susno Duaji.There are several kinds of structural in the community who can bring some specific crimes. Although the crime itself is supported by differences social structure itself. In practice, understanding and a wrong perception by certain groups who are in group of social structure can lead to doing certain acts which can be classified as crimes.yang according to the person concerned is possible and justified by herself in a social structure in intent. Crime crimes include: White collar crime and Domestic Violence.Literally "white collar crime" is a crime involving a man of honor and the respect and high social status (Sutherland and cressey.1960). Another version says that "evil people tie" is the abuse of trust by a person who is generally regarded as an honest citizen in their daily lives. Most meals, arrogant and stingy is the nature of the innocent but be very hateful by God
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