Sunday, December 12, 2010

Labor supervision problems.

  • A lot of labor problems, a little amount of labor attaché.
Of the 33 provinces in Indonesia there are approximately 207,813 companies that ideally require approximately 10,000 labor inspectors.The government has only 2308 people watchdog, so to overcome the problems of employment applicable in centralized supervision.Meaning centralized according to Labor Minister Muhaimin Iskandar is "return on labor inspection authority from local to central,". since the issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 21 Year 2010 on Supervision of Labor, then the control system back into a central government authority, in this case Labor Minister. In these regulations, labor inspectors in the department of provincial and district shall provide a report on supervision. With this new system, is expected to improve coordination of national and local labor affairs.Meanwhile, to overcome the problems of Indonesian workers abroad quite a lot still obstructed labor attaché in number.Secretary General of the labor ministers  Mr. Besar Setyoko, on the seminar Function of Institutional Strengthening and Technical Resources Apparatus Labor Attache, stressed the importance of the existence and role of the attachés in solving many problems of labor in Foreign Affairs.Right now there is a new half of the total labor attaché country where the placement of Indonesian workers. Of the 24 countries there are 9 new labor attaché stationed in 10 countries. Government efforts to reform and institutional strengthening Indonesia's representative in the field of employment through intensive communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to improve the employment status of the technical staff to be attache, "he said during a Function of Institutional Strengthening and Technical Resources Apparatus Labor Attache Monday (6 / 12).so that the labor attaché to perform the role and function and in the end all labor issues, such as labor are not pay, workplace accidents and ill-treatment.
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