Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Prabowo for presiden.

Prabowo Subianto
  • Hoping the President of honest,fair and prosperous.
 There is possibility Gerindra party chairman will nominate himself forward as a presidential candidate 2014.Full of confidence Geridra party chairman will forward to the round of presidential elections 2014. General vice chairman of Indonesia Raya Volunteer Force said that he was optimistic that Prabowo would have a chance dominant plus, he thought to build the nation and the country is very nice. And expected to be the choice of the people of Indonesia. Indonesia Raya Volunteer Unit is part of the youth wing of the party Gerindra, which is currently preparing a major force in 33 provinces throughout Indonesia. With the current members as much as 900 people on the basis of the member will continue to carry forward for the purpose Prabowo as 2014 presidential candidate.Prabowo listed as vice president accompanied Megawati periods 2009. Although not openly run for president, but Vice Chairman of the Volunteer Force Indonesia Raya [Diaz Muhdi] already been taken towards a succession of elections to be the number one person in Indonesia. Some time ago Prabowo who is also Ketua Umum Himpunan Tani Indonesia [HKTI] states that Indonesian farmers are not prosperous because of policies that have not been right on target from government.He expressed concern over the fate of our farmers are still poor. Farmers have great hope that later became president of the state Prabowo farmers across the country are increasingly progress and prosperity.

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