Monday, November 8, 2010

Understanding the nature of education.

A kindergarten classroom in Afghanistan.
  • Human quality, a quality education.
. In our minds may ask what we have always commemorated the essence of national education with all kinds of attractions from the basic level to advanced level up?. Celebrate curriculum change dressing every turn of the cabinet?. Commemorate the struggle of national education leaders? Or celebrating development of education in Indonesia with all its problems? Or just a regular annual ceremonial program? commemoration of national education is to be important moment to evaluate our educational system, especially the evaluation of our understanding of the nature of education that requires progress in human itself.We understand, since people want progress in his life. It arose the idea to develop his ability.There is learning by himself [autodidact ], and there are paths through education, both formal and informal. Education is still believed to be the most reliable way in advancing education . Life basic components of human nature [which consists of talent, instinct, passion, temperament / disposition, intuition, and the characteristic features of psychology inherited by both parents]. in community development, developed, directed towards appropriate for the creation of man himself. In order of nationality, education is a conscious effort to develop capabilities and improve the quality of life and dignity of the nation in achieving the national education, the man who: 1. Faithful and devoted to God Almighty. 2.Virtuous noble character. 3.Having abilities and skills. 4.Having physical and spiritual health. 5.Having a stable and independent personality. 6.Having sense of community and nationhood. Finally, education is organized, should be able to, nurture, guide and direct man into a human being "perfect"

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