Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The largest employment in the agricultural sector

  • Efforts to reduce unemployment
Water Buffalo ploughing rice fields near Salat...
"The agricultural sector is still the largest absorber of labor in Indonesia. For the year 2010 alone is estimated about 0.8 million workers who could be absorbed from various agricultural sectors". Ministry of Agriculture revealed.From the national labor force that almost reached 80 million, about 41 million people could be absorbed by agricultural.Increasing sector workforce uptake of new agricultural sector is expected to reduce unemployment, In addition to other macro objectives of agricultural sector development that is increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the value trade balance. The agricultural sector in national GDP growth of around 4.8 percent.National food self-sufficiency is the major project by the government, both increased production of rice, corn, soy, sugar, and beef. Apart from the agriculture ministry budget of 80% will be allocated to local areas.Of course this has a purpose for the existence of synergy for the development of better agricultural sector in addition to improving the welfare of the farmers themselves
Minister of Agriculture acknowledged that a relatively high economic growth is not comparable with the absorption of labor into several sectors. And this is the fact that forces us to focus more on improving the infrastructure is more advanced, the agricultural sector. And finally this will be a means of improving the welfare of society and also will absorb more and more new jobs.

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