Sunday, September 5, 2010

Relations Indonesia and Malaysia during the last few days.

Conflict and war are already familiar with human life.At least the conflict is happening to us.The initial a good battle on a small scale,such as family,community or a large scale of human history.Every country wants a secure,peace,and it's expectancy of people in this world.In fact,Nation has goal and determine each national interest. The nation interest that sometimes conflict with one nation to another,that often ended in wars.A domestic conflict generally caused by a difference of opinion or disagreement between groups,community groups,parties in the country.Focus on the domestic dispute revolves around the basic state,interest groups and could be the source triggers " Rebellion " or also "Revolution "The conflict in this country can sometimes be controlled,honed by the forces from abroad both directly or not.So,conflict,rebellion,revolution and war is an event experienced by one womb and miserable race of mankind itself.Sourced from the " Interest " different or conflicting both in the scale of individuals,groups,community groups,and nations. The variant friend or foe may change due to change by the factor of interest.Therefore there's no eternal friends or enemies but the interest of human history.After the end of a large war, an attempt is made effort to prevent a new wars.Liga Nations was founded after World War I,to keep peace in Europe.The situation only last 20 years,followed by a more devastating war of World War II,outside Europe had already happened instead of war and armed conflict.After World War II,established the United Nations,but war can not be stopped.For the last two decades more than 80 countries involved in war and military violence.Namely;58 countries in the third world ( Developing and poor countries ),with detail 29 countries involved in Civil War and the 24th state of war between the nations.(among others ; Burkina Faso - Mali;1986;Iraq - Iran 1980 -1988 ;Ecuador - Peru from 1981 -1983;Ethiopia - Somalia from 1977 to 1978;Iraq - Kuwait 1990;Libya -Tunisia 1980;Syria - Lebanon 1976;Cambodia - Vietnam from 1979 -1991).Not to mention of international terrorism,and other forms of armed conflict.
Ivan S Block wrote in his book " The future war " that between the year1496 BC to 1861 BC,a time duration of 3357 years,there's 227 years of peace and 3130 years of wars.It's mean every one year of peace there's 13 years of wars.Looking into the history we can pull in conclusion that human history is the history of armed violence,that war is a state normal,and peaceful state that does not even became a state normal.The only for peaceful world order that there is strong and effective enough to avert a war,such as capability give rewards or more strongly against the state forces that make war and military violence.
Speaking of Indonesia and Malaysia conflict,which triggered the arrest of three employees of Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries ( DKP ) by the king of Malaysia Kepolisian into waters of Cape rafting,Riau Islands Province.A wave of public resistance action of the two countries continue to happen up to now.According to Zamani Ismail ( Malaysian consulate in Riau),the people of Indonesia and Malaysia should mutually refrain and resolve any problems through peaceful diplomacy.He also reminded about the conflict being happen in case of there's a luggage rack from certain parties which try to break Malaysia and Indonesia Relations.Malaysia has been regarded Indonesia as the blood brothers and being partners to progress together.Mambang Mit ( Vice Governor of Riau ) also in his speech the conflict between two allied brothers would only bring losses. (mkdu4111/20101).
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