Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do we should teach the children about sex?

  • Provide the children a clear insight about sex.

The ABC of Sex Education for TrainablesOur ignorance in something make us all wrong,how when the child is our new elementary school,ask about the problem issues that adult children should have known.Like the hymen what's proper answer to the age of you child so that.In fact,many older people who tend not to understand the benefits and purpose of education sex.They also sometimes consider sex education was not necessary because the child would only provoke a negative direction. " Dialogue of  sex needs to be build in families,and children may be introduce as early as the stage of development according to their manhood " Sani B Hermawan said.We ares suppose to teach them with the scientific language was too vulgar,but not according to their age.Entering preschool to graduate school to teach children about their genital function.In addition,also taught how to clean their genitals.Teach and what happens if they are not optimal in cleaning their genitals.( Warta Kota/parenting)
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It's better than if our children learn it anywhere or learn it by themselves.

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