Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mapolsek Hamparan Perak, North Sumatra forced Group attacked.

  •  Three policeman killed after 12 people attack Mapolsek.
Mapolsek Hamparan Perak,Deli Serdang was attacked unknown group,using a firearm at around 01.00 am. A group an armed man long barrel suddenly invade the headquarters of police resort Hamparan Perak. North Sumatra Regional chief inspector General Oegroseno said the attackers numbered 12 people by six riding motorcycles. They immediately point bullet towards police station. As result 3 police was killed and broken the glass also. It's about a possible attack linked to terrorist suspect as well as a robbery of Bank CIMB Niaga Medan last time. One of the police personnel named Siregar said the three policemen who killed namely Bripka Riswandi,Aipda Deto Sutejo and Aiptu B Sinulingga. Police public relation of North Sumatra Kombes Pol Djafar Baharudin who contacted yet can provide a long description because it's still scene investigations.
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the police must act quickly so the incident does not happen again ...

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