Friday, September 24, 2010

The impact of extreme weather and flood.

  • Worrying about flood in Jakarta.
May be in the next future the flooding will still haunt Jakarta residents at  the end of this year.This prediction based on Climatology and Geography Meteorology Agency ( BMKG ). To prevent flooding of course not only the responsibility of the government DKI Jakarta but also the responsibility all citizens of Jakarta through active participation. From the Jakarta Works Agency's ( Dinas Pekerjaan Umum ) data record many culverts or 50% damaged or a long approximately 2.500 meters. The use of groundwater is governed by ( Perda No 10 th 1998)  it's seem likely not effective is due to the need of clean water in Jakarta do not fit the need of residents. According to reports from Jakarta drinking services regulator the production clean water in Jakarta only reached 19.328 liters/second.Although had already increased from the drinking water installations. So the year of 2009 was deficit amounting to 4.972 liters clean water per second. And this will make the higher ground water comsution. Visible indications of increased tax revenue usage of underground water. This may caused decreased or land vanish, constructions of the mall,also be the cause of flood with unavailability of water infiltrations properly. Prof Dr Sonny Keraf ( ex - environment minister ) said that mall development,coastal reclamations,constructions of which violates the city administration should also be in the fix to be discontinued and replaced by radically. Worried area not to radically overhaul a few years ahead not only flooding but also will be a lot of disaster happened to Jakarta.
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