Monday, September 27, 2010

Be ware of heavy rain,strong winds and high waves.

  •  Access from Pamulang to Bumi Serpong Damai is closed.
Precautions for all people in Jakarta in particular,and  Indonesia generally in the face of an erratic season in the near future. Damage to lake Pamulang who are unable to hold water in the lake and inundate surrounding area. The water that flood roads and forcing access from Pamulang to Bumi Serpong Damai diverted to alternate routes.Continuous rain the day before and the delivery water from Bogor will continue to add to and flows into Jakarta to the Java Sea.
The most extreme weather during last 12 years is evidenced by occurrence of regularities during the dry season. The communty was asked to see the extreme weather alert due to late rain fall in August is still high.We could say 2010 was unique it's more extreme at all,Probably the situations is similar to 1998,but it's intensity is more higher. said Soeroso Deputy Climatology Meteorology and geophysics [BMKG].
Based on monitoring results BMKG as well as several agencies such as NOAA's, weather united states,Australia BOM,Jamsfe Japan,the predictions of El nino/ la nino shows a negative index. In August - September 2010 predicted la Nina moderate,meanwhile in October - January 2011 in the form of strong la Nina.  "We appeal to be worry of the transition period in August - September 2010 because of marked symptoms of extreme " explained Soeroso.

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