Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do not be easily provoked.

  • Weak law enforcement, the more violent mass.
KH.Muhammad Yusuf Cudlori (Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of Rabithah Mashid Islamiyah Nahdatul Ulama (NU) warns that people should be careful in dealing with cases of defamation of religion in Temanggung, Central Java, which resulted in the mass clashes.'It must be careful in dealing with this case "in Magelang Tuesday. Mass action defamation case after the verdict to the defendant Mr.Antonious Richmond Rawengan at Temanggung District court (08/02/2011). Action burning the local court house and throwing stones, resulting in 9 people injured in the anarchic action. Religion defamation issue as very sensitive, and be wary by all parties.While it is prone to a provocation in an attempt to divide society. So that all people must respect and maintain. Such violence in Temanggung and elsewhere can not be tolerated apparatus, said Gus Yusuf .. "Arrest those involved anarchism, because it can not be justified on the state law" his said. And also Head of the Church Kevikepan which oversees a number of Catholic Church in County Temanggung, Romo Krisno Handoyo Pr, Call for local communities to exercise restraint and not fall for the possibility of provocation from any party associated with that case, so the horizontal conflicts can be avoided ....
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