Saturday, June 12, 2010

Worry About

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Had no choice, a child's Dobu tribes in Melanesia ,probably thinking twice ( 2X ) want to be born in this world. He was born into families where the only uncle who loved him.against whom he will became the next generation.The father just more interested in his sister'son who used to hate.Just the father had to wait for the child is weaned to be able to have sexual relation with his wives.Most of the times,is not expected by his mother and not infrequently abortion happened.The lack of warmth and affection waits for babies born in Dobu tribes,a child's Dobu tribes knew that they live in a world set by magic rather than natural factors.All symptom are controlled by witchcraft in this case lead to the retaliation from bad families.Dreams interpreted as the incidence of witchcraft,which can release the spirit of people sleeping.For Dobu tribes,all success must be secured at the expense of someone else. A most effective wicthcraft is key to success.
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