Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He took my bike

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This is a real experience about many years ago,When in Jakarta enacted DBB (ricksaw-free areas) in 1990.Remind me of my brother who making a living by ojek ( two vehicle transpotion).there are too many people to do evil things against ojek.Some people having many  ways of cheated people such as a short distance gives a big payment,invited eat free of charge and so on. One day, someone want to take some place from Cililitan bus terminal to the an air fore office the distance was about 10 kilometers away.until there passenger headed to provost guard then asked about,within a few minutes then turn again to the bike. He told that somebody he looking for is being another place.So the man wants borrow the bike for a while looking for somebody. No doubt the deliver give ignition and willing to wait in front of the post.he began counted one hour,two hours,three hours his bike didn't came yet.The feeling getting worried and uncomfortable. In his nervous he try to ask the same post who is the man before.The officer just said didn't know who he is,he went to the post asked address only, how surprised he is after knowing that,he cried in front of the post. The officer can not do much just told him to be more careful someday.........

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